◤  Convention on Scenic Area Civilization  ◢

*Maintain environmental hygiene. Do not spit or gum anywhere, do not litter, and do not smoke in non-smoking areas.
*Obey public order. Do not make noise, queue up to follow order, do not block the way in parallel, and do not talk loudly in public places.
*Protect the ecological environment. Do not trample on green spaces, pick flowers, trees, and fruits, and do not chase, catch, beat, or feed animals indiscriminately.
*Protect cultural relics and historical sites. Do not carve or paint on cultural relics, do not climb or touch cultural relics, and take photos and videos in accordance with regulations.
*Cherish public facilities, do not damage them, do not take advantage of small gains, save water and electricity, and do not waste meals.
*Respect the rights of others. Do not forcibly take photos with foreign guests, do not sneeze at others, do not occupy public facilities for a long time, respect the labor of service personnel, and respect the religious customs of various ethnic groups.
*Be polite to others. Dress neatly and appropriately, do not bare your chest or waist in public places; Courtesy to the elderly, young, sick, and disabled, and courtesy to the ladies; Do not use vulgar language.
*Promote healthy entertainment. Resist feudal superstitious activities and reject pornography, gambling, and drugs.