Cultural Protection

Remembering the Construction History of Daming Palace National Heritage Park: Return Daming Palace with Dignity

In order to protect the great ruins,this special group of fighting heroes left their homes and businesses,regardless of personal gain and loss,day and night to work in the front line.In less than three years,the construction of the Daming Palace National Heritage Park was initially completed,paving a new way for the protection of national and even world heritage sites,setting a benchmark and an example,and creating a beautiful landscape for the urban construction of Xi'an.


Conversations spanning thousands of years

More than a thousand years ago,Daming Palace,as the central palace of the Tang Dynasty,once witnessed the unprecedented brilliance and glory of the Tang Empire with unparalleled magnificence.Standing on the top of the Eastern civilization admired by the world,behind this grand palace was an insurmountable brilliant empire.


Conservation of large sites

The Daming Palace was the political center and national symbol of the Tang Dynasty.With a total area of 3.2 square kilometers,it is a masterpiece of ancient Chinese palace architecture.The layout of the palace complex initiated by the Tang Daming Palace established the ancient Chinese palace system and became the model of Chinese palace architecture after the Tang Dynasty.The Daming Palace Site is the most well-preserved imperial palace site in China.


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