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How to prevent various "illnesses" during travel

Eating and listening to music can prevent motion sickness
Due to the current travel by car,many citizens will appear the phenomenon of carsickness,resulting in poor mental health.Weinan City Central Hospital,director of the Department of Neurology Dr.Zhang Jinshe said that people who are prone to motion sickness can eat something before taking the car,which will relieve hunger and alleviate symptoms;One hour before the bus can take anti-faint medicine;You can listen to the radio,listen to music,or have a conversation with your fellow passengers to distract yourself while the car is moving.A little longer should close your eyes and rest for a period of time.If you have to,you can get out and have a rest.Even if carsick vomiting,is a normal phenomenon,do not require medical treatment.
Don't touch flowers and plants
In the wild or scenic areas to play in contact with a variety of flowers and plants,many citizens will suffer from urticaria,commonly known as rubella block.Weinan member,deputy director of dermatology,weinan hospital dermatological department of traditional Chinese medicine of doctor of vice director of Ma Zhu high,the treatment of urticaria preferred antihistamines,and use to reduce skin vascular permeability of drugs and high doses of vitamin C,etc.,and for patients with severe urticaria such as angioedema should add with corticosteroid drugs.
Don't eat vegetables raw to avoid diarrhea
Travel diarrhea is a common travel disease,how to prevent it?Weinan City Central Hospital Deputy Director of Gastroenterology Ren Daixian suggested that the journey to drink more water;Eat less dairy products,do not eat raw vegetables,seafood,meat;Bring alcohol tampons or wet wipes to clean your hands when you can't.When you are hungry,do not buy food from roadside stalls.Eat in restaurants that are hygienic.When you are on the road,it is best not to try tempting and unfamiliar foods to avoid bad consequences.
Carry a small medicine kit with you
Citizens in play on the way to avoid accidents,so travel might as well take a small emergency medicine box.Downtown hospital pharmacy department deputy section chief,deputy director of the pharmacists Zhao Run years for the general public has designed a"yuexiang menu":in the inside with some commonly used medicines,such as medicine,carsickness,antidiarrheal,hemostatic,antipyretic analgesics,eye drops,etc.,can also prepare some disinfection liquid medicine,gauze,tape,thermometer,scissors,tweezers,pins,plastic gloves,etc.In addition,you should bring along standard plastic bags to store medical waste and discarded items.
Don't drive after taking the medicine
The so-called"drug driving"refers to driving while under the influence of drugs.Zhao Runnian warned driving citizens,many drugs have the side effect of drowsiness,such as some cold medicine,sedatives,may lead to drowsiness or dizziness,if the travel"car owners",after falling ill,take the above drugs,it may affect the driver's judgment,easy to cause traffic accidents.Self-drive travel citizens,before taking medicine should carefully read the instructions,and follow the doctor's advice,after the drug can not drive,so as to avoid the tragedy.

Keep warm during outdoor travel in winter

Nowadays, winter travel is becoming fashionable. However, if you do not pay attention to the change of weather during the journey, especially the impact of cold climate on the human body, you may be affected by some diseases. Among the tourists, some are from the south to the north, some are more outdoor activities, and some are the elderly and infirmities, who especially need protection from cold and cold.
Winter in the outdoor travel, the human body exposed parts or terminal parts such as fingers, toes, ears, cheeks of the skin for a long time by cold and damp stimulation, may appear on the skin erythema and accompanied by abnormal feeling, serious can develop into blisters, ulcers. If you stay in a cold environment for too long, not only can skin damage occur, but also may cause systemic disease. In a cold environment, the incidence of heart disease, stroke, flu, chilblain, arthritis and other diseases will increase significantly. In winter tourism, low temperature and humidity, high pressure, wind speed is very common weather. Data show that a sudden drop in temperature or sudden arrival in a cold environment often induces coronary heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. When the temperature drops from above zero to below zero, there will be a sudden increase in the number of colds in the short term, including many young people. Chronic bronchitis may also recur in cold, dry climates.
To prevent frostbite, it's important to keep your clothes warm. The outermost layer of clothing should be windproof, optional wool, fur or leather clothing; A relatively non-flowing air layer can be formed inside the down jacket, which has good warmth retention and is the preferred clothing for winter tourism. Underwear to soft, moisture absorption, breathable, in order to protect moisture, dry. To minimize skin exposure, it is necessary to regularly exercise or massage the parts prone to chilblain.
If you want to travel in winter without being hurt by the cold climate, it is essential to enhance their ability to prevent cold. Adjust diet, increase body metabolism, is an effective way to improve body heat production capacity. In fact, in order to maintain the body temperature in a cold environment, it is necessary to increase metabolism, and travel consumes a lot of physical strength. Only by increasing the intake of nutrients can the human body meet its needs. In the diet of winter tourists, the intake of three major nutrients, including protein, carbohydrate and fat, as well as minerals and vitamins, should be more than usual, and the intake of fat and carbohydrate should not be overemphasized as usual. Lean meat, eggs, fresh fish, soy products, animal liver to supplement the body heat is very good, can be appropriate to eat more. In addition, we should correct the wrong idea of drinking to keep warm. Alcohol and water cannot produce heat, contrary, alcohol can stimulate the blood vessel of body surface, make body surface blood circulation increases, the person feels "calorific", actually the human body is losing heat.
People suffering from coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, chronic bronchitis, from health factors, should not travel in the cold winter season, encountered wind, fog, snow and other bad weather, the weak should not go out to travel, otherwise the loss outweighs the gain.

How to care for allergies after spring flower appreciation

Fireworks in March charming eyes,it is a good time to enjoy the annual flowers.At this time to invite a couple of friends,walking in the field,place yourself in the sea of flowers,or came to the farm orchard,enjoy the competition for peach blossom,rape flower,is really a beautiful thing in life.
Enjoy flowers in spring and watch out for allergic skin diseases
Stepping into the spring,as the temperature rises,all kinds of flowers bloom in the city and surrounding areas,such as peach,pear and many unknown flowers have bloomed one after another,attracting many people to go out for an outing and enjoy the flowers.However,the flowers are beautiful,but also need to be careful pollen allergy.Spring is the season of high incidence of allergic skin diseases.Recently,the number of patients with allergy and skin diseases in the hospital is increasing gradually.According to Lei Shuying,director of this section,as flowers bloom,willow catkins fly,the season with the most serious allergy has come in the year,in the spring,allergic dermatitis is most common,the proposal itself has allergic history or it is susceptible crowd,should avoid allergen as far as possible in this season.
People with allergies should avoid allergens
Spring pollen,willow catkin flying,not only the skin suffered,allergic rhinitis people are also affected,sneezing,runny nose,unbearable suffering.People with allergies should stay away from pollen at this time of year.Although the flowers are bright and beautiful,it is best to stay away from them and try to stay away.
For some allergic dermatitis and urticaria and other skin diseases of the public,should be timely to the hospital for allergen detection,found out the allergen can avoid contact with it,to prevent repeated skin disease.When you go out,you can wear a hat,glasses and mask.People with allergies should try to avoid contact with pollen and willow catkins.At night,you should close your bedroom window to prevent catkins and pollen from floating into your room at night.
How to care after appreciating flowers to prevent allergy
Avoiding contact with pollen during the pollen season is the ideal prevention method.Stay outside as little as possible during the day,especially during times of the day when pollen counts are high,such as late afternoon on a clear day.To do outdoor activities and various sports.Try to choose the pollen index at the lowest time,choose the right time to improve the body resistance.
It is best to avoid lush grass and flowers when traveling outside.Wear a mask,hat,sunglasses,and a long-sleeved shirt to avoid contact with and inhalation of pollen.If you go out when pollen levels are high,take a shower when you get home to rinse pollen off your skin and put on clean clothes.
Avoid opening Windows during periods of high pollen concentration in the air.Pollen filters can be installed in the air conditioner or air filtration equipment can be used.Avoid using carpets,remove MATS and other dusty objects,and keep the room clean.
Eat more fruits and vegetables in your diet to increase your vitamin intake.Avoid eating wild vegetables,honey and other foods that may contain pollen grains,and avoid eating spicy and stimulating foods that aggravate allergy symptoms.

How should the old person go out travel health care

When we were young,we always said that we would go traveling when we were old.Now many old people like to go traveling.However,the elderly travel is still more dangerous,in the process of travel,must do a good job of health care.
How is health care in old people travel process
1.The elderly are easy to be tired and not easy to recover,so they should have enough rest and sleep during travel.If you feel physically exhausted,you can rest for a few days or stop traveling.Sit down at any time during long walks.
2,the elderly thermoregulation function is poor,easy to catch a cold,so the clothes should be brought enough,in order to increase or decrease at any time.Don't take off your clothes when you're sweating.In areas with large temperature difference between day and night,blankets should be covered before going to bed,and doors and Windows should be closed when the wind and rain come at night.
3,the elderly gastrointestinal function is weakened,the water is not suitable to cause digestive disorders,so the diet should be light,eat more fresh vegetables and fruits,eat less greasy and spicy raw and cold food,it is best to drink less or do not drink.
4.Elderly people have poor control over their own balance and are often unstable when walking.They are easy to fall and trip up.
5.When the elderly travel,they should pay attention to the health care of their feet,such as wearing soft shoes that fit their feet,scalding their feet with hot water at night,and self-massage the muscles of their legs and the soles of their feet.This can make you feel particularly brisk when traveling,whether walking or climbing mountains.
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