Protection history

The State Administration of Cultural Heritage has completed the first assessment of 12 national archaeological parks

To further standardize and promote the site protection and national archaeological site park construction,management and scientific evaluation of national archaeological site park comprehensive benefit and function,enhance its protection,exhibition


Success in support

On June 22,2014 was held in doha,Qatar's 38th UNESCO world heritage committee meeting,China,kazakhstan and kyrgyzstan joint support of"the silk road:changan-tianshan corridor network"wins the world heritage list,magnificent palaces in one thousand will continue to her.


To explore the balance between conservation and utilization of large heritage sites

The Daming Palace Site is regarded as a model of great heritage conservation.There are many great ruins in modern cities.However,due to historical reasons,the areas where these large sites are located have become the dead corners of the previous urban reconstruction,and"forgotten corners of the city,dirty and messy corners"seem to be the characteristics of large sites in cities.


Changes of Site

In October 2007,the project to protect and renovate the Daming Palace Relics Area was officially launched,and the demolition and construction of the 3.5 square kilometers of Daming Palace National Relics Park began in full force.


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