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The party branch of the park management company held the sixth "two learning and one doing" learning and education symposium

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We will strengthen intra-Party supervision and conduct of Party activities
The party branch of the park management company held the sixth"two learning and one doing"learning and education symposium
On December 21,the party branch of the park management company held the sixth"two learning and one doing"special seminar on learning and education.The registered party members studied and discussed.The meeting is presided over by Vice General Manager Comrade Wang Ming.
Conference pointed out that"about some guidelines of the party's political life under the new situation for our serious and standardize the party's political life,carry forward the party's fine tradition and style still have important guiding significance to the reality,the communist party of China inner-party supervision regulations to strengthen supervision within the party,maintain the party's solidarity and unity,has played a positive role on"how to implement the"standards""byelaw"self-consciousness,firmness",combining with the job.
At the meeting,all the party members and cadres once again learned the"standards"and"regulations",and around"how to carry out the"standards""regulations"of consciousness,firmness",launched a discussion speech.Through the study and discussion,Party members and cadres have benefited a lot,and all Party members have deeply felt the Party's determination to supervise and govern itself with strict discipline.
At last,the participants expressed that in their future work,they should firmly establish a sense of political awareness,a sense of the overall situation,a sense of the core and a sense of keeping in line with the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core.We should strictly enforce the Party's political discipline and insist that everyone is equal before discipline.We will strengthen intra-Party oversight and safeguard Party unity and unity.
We should combine the guidelines and regulations with the learning and education of"two learning and one action",and take this as an opportunity to do a good job in the current work.
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