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Practical skills of outdoor mosquito control

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When bitten by a mosquito,we are used to catching it immediately.But after scratching,the tissue fluid in the skin,lymphatic exudation,swelling into a package,will more catch more itching,and also not easy to subside,full of red envelopes"red bean leg"is so caught out,especially by the mountain wild mosquitoes bite the consequence is more serious.If you insist not to catch,generally 10 to 15 minutes later,itching can be significantly subsided.Alternatively,you can use the following methods to stop the itching and help reduce the redness.
First,the wound treatment after being bitten
1,in the family useable thick soapy water daub can quickly stop itching,or dip in water with soap in red and swollen place daub.
2,if the bite is very itchy,you can use your fingers to play a bomb,then coated with toilet water,essence of wind oil,etc.
3.Smear or brew the itching place with salt water,which can soften the lump and effectively relieve itching.
4,available in aloe vera leaf juice to stop itching.After being bitten by mosquito red and swollen when itching,can cut a small aloe vera leaf,after washing clean break,in red and swollen place rub a few times,can detumescent and stop itching.
5,the oil and salt smear,can let the local anesthesia and relieve the nerve,relieve the itching feeling.
6.Grinding aspirin pills and daubing them with water on the wound also has the effect of reducing inflammation and swelling.
7,break a garlic clove,with section daub mosquito bite package,good for a while,and stop itching.
The basic condition of mosquito survival is"water",especially the"smelly water"with a little taste.As long as the home environment is clean,not stagnant,and the water in the container is kept clean and sanitary,mosquitoes are not easy to breed.Mosquitoes are afraid of cold,indoor air conditioning is open,can let mosquitoes stay away.If the environment of the home is really too bad,you can add screen Windows and screen doors to prevent mosquito invasion.
The activity habit of mosquitoes is that in the morning after dawn,indoor mosquitoes fly outside,and in the evening when the sky is dark,outdoor mosquitoes fly indoors.Therefore,the best time to kill mosquitoes is dusk.Close the doors and Windows before spraying.Spray mosquito repellent evenly throughout the room.Spray it for half an hour before entering the room.If you use an electric mosquito coil,it's best to plug it in before bed.