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The seven taboos and eight essentials of travel

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Seven avoid
1.Avoid curling,out of the purpose of travel is to pleasure body and mind,increase knowledge,if each to a place without careful observation and appreciation of the local conditions,will lose the meaning of travel.
2.Don't carry too much luggage.There is no point in carrying too many things when traveling.With the side,the action is not convenient;It's not safe in the hotel.So I advocate a one-pack policy:one big bag for all luggage.
3.Avoid making trouble,and the place of travel is not always your"head".It is better to be aggressive and domineering.
4 avoid scattered activities,if it is a group of people to travel,it is best not to have their own programs,at least to keep the number of two or three people to disperse activities.Don't go out alone!
Avoid the separation of money and people,multiple minds and eyes,be careful for the best.
6.Do not bring children.Children need adult's attention all the time,so that adults can not enjoy the fun brought by travel.
7.Do not know the geography,each place to buy a local map,one can be lost in case of emergency use;Two can be left as a memorial.
1.Take a small medicine bag with you.When traveling,you should take some common medicine with you,because it is inevitable that you will encounter some accidents during travel.
2.Pay attention to the safety of the journey.Sometimes,tourism will pass through some dangerous areas,such as steep slopes and dense forests,cliff paths,deep holes in the rapids,etc.In these dangerous areas,we should try to go with each other,and do not venture to go alone.
3.Be civilized and polite,be polite to others at any time and on any occasion,be humble and patient in everything,and consciously observe public order.
4.Take good care of cultural relics and historical sites.Tourists should take good care of flowers and trees in cultural relics and historical sites and scenic spots every time they go to a place.
5.Respect local customs.China is a multi-ethnic country,and many ethnic minorities have different religious beliefs and custom taboos.As the saying goes,"When in Rome,do as the Romans do."When traveling in areas inhabited by ethnic minorities,one should respect their traditional customs and taboos in daily life,and must not ignore their customs or hurt their national pride due to careless actions.
6.We should pay attention to hygiene and health.It is undoubtedly a kind of enjoyment of"food culture"to taste local famous dishes and points when traveling outside.
7.Vigilance is cheated,there is still a small part on the society at present to steal,cheat,the bad guy that snatch,accordingly,"meet by chance"when,avoid by all means be intimate easily,do not vent"confidential",in case be cheated to cause the loss on his economy,property.
8.Careful travel plan,that is,in advance to make the time,route,specific plan of accommodation and guide charts(books),relevant maps,car,boat schedule and necessary equipment(clothes,sanitary supplies,etc.).