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A simple way to get rid of seven body aches and pains

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I often feel physical pain after riding because my posture or bike is not adjusted properly.In view of the location of cycling pain,the causes and solutions are listed.
Shoulder pain,
The pain in this part is mainly caused by the long upper tube of the car,the low handlebar,and the upper limb support of the body that exceeds your muscle load capacity.The solution is to increase the height of the handlebar,reduce the height difference between the handlebar and the seat,and use the combination of the shorter upper tube handle.
Neck pain
This and shoulder pain often comes at the same time,the above solution,to be sure,to see the road ahead,you can first take a look at the front is far away,is there any intersection+word,there is no need to avoid pedestrians or obstacles,judge need slowdown ahead at the same time,and then turned to watch closer to the road information,see if there are any small stone or pit need to escape,so keep viewing Angle conversion,can avoid neck pain.
Back pain
This is often caused by the straight body when riding,because more force burden on the waist,will lead to waist fatigue,such a situation is,the body center of gravity in time to move forward,lower the upper body Angle,so that the arm burden more body weight,which will reduce the pressure on the waist,the situation can be reduced.
Knee pain
1,[upper knee pain]:generally occurs when the amount of exercise is relatively large,that is,muscle fatigue,pain is also a method of muscle self-protection.[Solution]:Use smaller teeth than start!Is to rely on the fast frequency of the foot to improve the speed,while paying the minimum force![seat bag-foot distance]:the upper knee pain may also be the seat bag-foot distance is relatively short caused!If the distance is too short,easy at the time of cycle by completing a cadence,leg has been in the state of fatigue,and can't rest,the right seat bag-foot distance value should be a barefoot bridge to the package,the heel can just touching the pedal cadence motion,and a bottom won't because feet reach down and twist around!This distance also has a certain relationship with the flexibility of the legs.Good flexibility can increase this distance appropriately,and vice versa!
2.[Pain in the back of the knee]:Generally,it is caused by the high height of the seat bag,or the sudden failure to adapt to cycling after a long time of not riding.[Solution]:Lower the seat bag height and slowly raise it as you cycle more and more![seat bag-foot distance]:the back of the knee pain is caused by a bit of ligament strain behind the knee,which is also related to the irregular foot posture!
Good posture and the right size and Angle of the bike also determine how comfortable riding is.First,good posture:
The correct foot position is the front foot part,this part of the control is the most flexible,and the power is also the most easy,at the same time,there is a certain buffer effect,which is very different from the use of the middle of the foot!It's also a mistake to turn your foot outwards or inwards during the pedal.This will cause your foot to twist from side to side throughout the pedal.This will wear down your knees,as well as cause discomfort to your knees as you pedal hard,and also take force off!The Angle of the ankle,pedal technology has a lot of,but for long-distance cycling,the best foot technology is the ankle has been kept at a 90 degree Angle,rather than changing back and forth,which can protect your ankle,can also be balanced power,is conducive to improving the riding comfort.
The movement of the knee
This is where your motivation comes from,and this is the most important part!First of all,you can't move your knees from side to side while waiting for the tower!If you wear and tear on your knees,it's most obvious when you're working uphill!!About the seat bag before and after the seat adjustment!!When your foot is flat in front of the ground,your knees and calves should be perpendicular to the ground,not in front or behind!This will not only affect your strength,but also bring uncomfortable cycling feeling!
This is the most difficult technique!Some people may say,this and what,is not hard to step on it?Well,that's the wrong answer!Correct foot is in the process of a circle,can be perfect power!That is to give your car even power!We usually ride a bike,each leg pedal is responsible for a semicircle range,that is,separate force,not at the same time!The result is that you feel the car go up and down as you accelerate!In fact,the pause is what we often say"dead"!That is,when the two cranks are perpendicular to the ground,the car is basically not stressed at this time!How can in each circle smooth pedaling!This is the"self-locking",the emergence of self-locking is the greatest invention in cycling.He replaced the previous foot free inconvenient shortcomings!However,in the pedaling process,the other leg can be lifted while one leg is pedaling.With such cooperation,you can bring about a nearly perfect pedaling,and you can also smoothly pass the"dead spot"!But putting on a self-retraction shoe doesn't mean you're going to fundamentally improve your pedal technique,because you need to consciously practice the correct pedal technique of lifting one leg while the other leg is pedaling,but once you put it on,you're going to improve it a lot,and of course,you're going to feel a lot more comfortable.