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Underground Mayan City

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The"underground"Mayan city is located in Quintana Roo state in the Yucatan Peninsula in southeastern Mexico.Archaeologists at the institute said the site,which covers about 30 square kilometers,has provided many important archaeological clues to the study of ancient Mayan culture.According to the report,there were many buildings in the site at that time,the largest of which was about 200 meters long at the base and 46 meters high.
"According to our initial estimate,the city was built around 250 BC,"the archaeologist said.Buried for many years and surrounded by jungle,the site is generally fairly well preserved.
Archaeologists have made preliminary excavations of two major architectural sites.When the excavation is complete,people will understand the development of the ancient city and the function of the buildings.Because the ancient city is deep in the jungle and almost cut off from the outside world,the local government has begun to build a special road to make it easier for the archaeologists to pass through.
Officials in Quintana Roo state say the ruins will be open to the public after the entire excavation and preservation process is completed.The"underground"city will also be part of the Mayan cultural itinerary,providing another mysterious and well-preserved destination for Maya lovers from around the world.
The ancient Mayan relic was discovered in 1995 after years of"hiding"deep in the forest.The Yucatan Peninsula is one of the cradles of the ancient Mayan culture.