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The silk road

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The Silk Road refers to the ancient commercial and trade routes that started in ancient China and connected Asia,Africa and Europe.In terms of transportation mode,it can be divided into the land Silk Road and the maritime Silk Road.
The overland Silk Road started in Chang'an,the capital of the Western Han Dynasty(it extended to Luoyang in the Eastern Han Dynasty).The Silk Road is a major road for economic,political and cultural exchanges between the East and the West.Its original function was to transport silk produced in ancient China.Thus,when the German geographer Ferdinand Freiherr von Richthofen first named it the"Silk Road"in the 1870s,it was widely accepted.
On June 22,2014,the 38th World Heritage Conference was held in Doha,Qatar.It was announced that the"Silk Road:The Road Network of Chang'an-Tianshan Corridor"jointly declared by China,Kazakhstan and Kyrgyz Republic was successfully declared as a World Heritage Site,making it the first transnational cooperation project to be successfully declared as a World Heritage Site.
On June 18,2014,the"Chang'an"luxury special train of the Silk Road started to operate from Xi'an.It is expected that in 2015,the entire route of the Silk Road,including Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan,will also open to tourists
Silk road,often referred to as the port of northern Eurasia,contrast to tea horse road and the south,the western han dynasty emperor when zhangqian first time develops silk road and the eastern han dynasty when the pan chao to operate the western regions and again through the extension of the silk road,and the Romans conquer Syria of ryukyu and west empire and Egypt Ptolemy,Roman empire through rest,your frost empire and aksum made of Chinese silk.The Silk Road,first opened by Zhang Qian during the Western Han Dynasty,was known as the"Air Trail",with envoys sent by Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty as far as Lixuan(present-day Alexandria,Egypt,attached to Rome).This was the farthest country that any official envoy of the Han Dynasty reached,reaching all the way to Europe and Africa.The route was extended to Europe and Africa for the first time.It was a direct link between the West and the Han Dynasty.
In 73 AD,the Banchao of the Eastern Han Dynasty reopened the Western Regions,which had been isolated for 58 years.The Roman Empire also followed the Silk Road for the first time to Luoyang in the Eastern Han Dynasty.It was not only the first contact between Europe and China,but also the complete Silk Road route in the early 21st century.Among the goods traded along this long route,China's silk was the most representative,hence the name"Silk Road".The Silk Road is not only an ancient trade road for Asia and Europe to exchange needed goods,but also a road to promote friendly exchanges between Asian and European countries and China,and the friendship between the Eastern and Western cultures.Some famous figures in history,such as Zhang Qian,who went on a mission to the Western Regions,Ban Chao,a Buddhist monk who traveled to the East in search of Buddhism from Yongping,and Xuanzang,a Buddhist monk who traveled to the West for Buddhist scriptures,have all told stories about this road.
Since Zhang Qian's journey to the Western Regions,commercial contacts between China and Central Asia and Europe have increased rapidly.Through this road running through Asia and Europe,Chinese silk,silk,satin,satin,silk and other silk products,a steady stream to Central Asia and Europe,therefore,the Greeks and Romans called China as the country of Cyrus,called the Chinese people Cyrus.The so-called"siris"means"silk".
At the end of the 19th century,German geologist Richthofen named this east-west road as the"Silk Road".On the basis of years of research,Hutson,a German,wrote a monograph on the Silk Road.Since then,the name of the Silk Road has been recognized by the world.Generally speaking,the Silk Road is the general name of the East-West transportation route connecting Europe and North Africa,starting from East Asia,passing through Central and West Asia.The Silk Road is of great significance in world history.This is the communication artery of the Eurasian continent,a bridge where the three major cultures of China,India and Greece meet.

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