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Danfeng Gate is the south gate of Daming Palace.It was built in the second year of Longshuo in Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty(662)and used for more than 240 years.It was the main passage for the emperors of the Tang Dynasty to enter and leave the palace.Danfeng Gate built on the upper Danfeng Tower,the royal amnesty decrees,banquet and other important activities place.To the north,Danfeng Gate faces Hanyuan Hall,the main hall of Daming Palace,with Shuncheng Street in the east and west,and Danfengmen Street in the south and north,which is 1500 meters long and 176 meters wide,echoing the Big Goose Pagoda of the Tang Dynasty,forming an important landscape axis of the city of Chang'an in the Tang Dynasty and displaying the supreme power of the royal family in the prosperous Tang Dynasty.
In the second year of the reign of Emperor Suzong of the Tang Dynasty(757),Danfeng Gate was changed to Mingfeng Gate,which was restored to its former name about four years later.Red phoenix in morning door as the emperor xuan forgive fixed place,when we forgive,front side is high,the golden,on one side of the drum,the people gathered in front of the square,with the emperor's floor,the prisoner is led to the door in the drums,read pardon and release on the spot,Yang Juyuan tang dynasty poems to remember:"red phoenix in morning building nine songs played,golden rod under the drum thousand voices".
The present Danfengmen Site is located in the north area of Ziqiang East Road,Xi'an.Archaeological excavation in 2005 revealed that the Danfengmen Site is the largest archaeological site in the Sui and Tang Dynasties in terms of size,width of gate and length of horse track.The excavated residual door site is composed of pier,doorway,partition wall,bridleway,city wall and other parts,all of which are rammed earth structure.The measured gate gate pier east and west total length of 74.5 meters,north and south wide 33 meters,a total of five hole door,door are 8.5 meters wide,road stone threshold,and the historical record of"Phoenix door five open,ten open and closed".Pier on both sides of the palace inside each built a 3.5 meters wide,54 meters long horse road to the city.The archaeological discovery of Danfeng Gate is of great value to the archaeological study of Chang'an City of Tang Dynasty and the capital city of China,and is honored as the"First Gate of Tang Dynasty"by the archaeological community.
After the Daming Palace National Relics Park project was launched in 2008,the Danfengmen Relics Museum,led by Zhang Jinqiu,an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering,is an important part of the construction of the Tang Daming Palace National Relics Park.The three-storey structure is designed to protect and display the Danfeng Gate ruins,while the upper tower is used for various ceremonial activities.In order to protect the reversibility of the exhibition building and meet the requirements of the protection of cultural relics,the distance between the building structure and the edge of the site is greater than 60 cm,and the outer building materials of the tower and wall are urban brick.The exterior wall color of Danfengmen Site Museum is light brown and yellow.The purpose is to make this building not only reflect the shape,scale,architectural features and grand and dignified style of the front gate of the Tang Dynasty imperial palace,but also to distinguish it from other antique buildings.In color,an integrated and highly abstract approach is used to give the architecture a sculptural and modern feel
Tang Liyi once wrote a poem:
An amnesty for the emperor's reform of Danfeng Gate and the construction of Yuan Jianzhong
Find Tong Tong,six dragons negative sunrise door.
Phoenix flying title Dilu,said I million generation gold emperor sun.
Spirit chicken inspired day amnesty,Gao Xiang 100 feet hanging Zhu flags.
Chen Mu Qing by the day calendar,jianzhong jiazi yuan.
Haovault King life is already to,the king is to pay the universe.
In the completion of the answer Xuan,mud gold check Yu Zhaohong en.
The matter of the Yunting can be written down,seventy-two Jun preferred alone.
Small minister to the Zen table,long and not to the garden.

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