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The ruins of the Hall of Linde

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Linde Hall was the main venue for banquets and dances,receiving foreign ambassadors,and setting up the Taoist field.It was the highest ranking banquet hall of the Tang Dynasty.Linde Hall was built about Tang Gaozong Linde years,so to"Linde"named.The Hall of Linde is the largest palace building in Daming Palace of Tang Dynasty,and also the largest single building in Chinese history.The whole palace is located on a platform of more than 10,000 square meters,with an area of more than 5,000 square meters.The construction of the Hall of Linde used 192 columns,which is three times that of the Hall of Supreme Harmony of the Imperial Palace today.
You can see that Linde Hall is before,in,after the three temple series form of layout,why is the three temple?Because ancient Chinese architecture is civil structure,the span of the beam frame should not be too large.This design of connecting three halls not only solves the span of the beam frame,enlarges the area of the palace,but also solves the safety and stability of the building and the beauty of the appearance.In the Tang Dynasty 1,300 or 400 years ago to build a temple such a large area,such a scale with the current financial resources to build this temple is not easy,standing here can you feel the atmosphere of the Tang Dynasty?
It is said that in the great banquet of Linde Hall,3000 people can sit in front of the hall and the corridor,and perform various operas.In front of the hall,you can also play polo.It was here that Empress Wu Zetian met ambassadors from all over the world in the Tang Dynasty.In 703,Empress Wu Zetian met here and hosted a banquet for Japanese envoy Shashiro Suita.Emperor Zong of the Tang Dynasty had a banquet here for more than 3,500 soldiers of the Dianzi Army.At that time,officials of the Tang Dynasty were proud to attend the banquet in Linde Hall.
The poet Zhang Ji of the Tang Dynasty described the magnificent scene of the Linde Hall of the Daming Palace in the prosperous period of the Tang Dynasty in his poem"Feast in Cold Diet":"Three halls open deep in the smoke,and hundreds of officials are attracted when the rain is light in spring.This palace represents the luxury and glory of the Tang Dynasty,which witnessed the step by step to prosperity of the Tang Dynasty.