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Ruins of Sanqingdian

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Sanqingdian is a Taoist temple built for Taoist worship.Because Taoism called its religious leaders Yuqing Yuan Shi Tianzun,Upper Qing Lingbao Taoist Lord,Taiqing Taishang Lao Lord,and legend of the three gods living in the celestial wonderland,namely,Yuqing,Upper Qing,Taiqing,called the Sanqing territory,so the temple was named after the Sanqing.We can still clearly see the foundation platform of Sanqingdian.According to archaeological excavations,the foundation platform is 14 meters above the ground of the Tang Dynasty,73 meters long from north to south,47 meters wide from east to west,and covers an area of nearly 3,000 square meters above.The platform is rammed with loess and surrounded by 1.25 meter thick brick walls.The bottom of the brick wall is paved with two floors of long footstones.The platform was originally a pavilion-style building.
Sanqingdian is the highest religious building in Daming Palace.It is the only one in Daming Palace with such a large platform built from flat ground and a palace room built on it.Since the establishment of the Tang Dynasty,Taoism has been respected as the state religion,and most of the royal family of the Li family were devout followers of Taoism.The rulers of the Tang Dynasty admired Taoism and recognized Lao-tzu as their ancestors.Taoism had a special and profound relationship with the Li and Tang Dynasty.One of the important reasons was that the traditional power of the elite families in the early Tang Dynasty was still very strong,and it could hardly be respected by the society unless it was a well-known clan.Tang Dynasty emperor in order to improve their pedigree,the use of Taoist ancestor Li Dan surname Li,the royal family also surnamed Li coincidence,attached to himself is too on the Lao Jun Li Dan descendants,is the"fairy of the Miao".Taoism thus became an important religion believed in by the Li Tang Dynasty,and the Sanqingdian became the most important Taoist architecture in the Daming Palace.
In addition to a large number of brick and tile buildings,archaeologists unearthed a lot of yellow,green and blue monochromatic glazed tiles and yellow,green and blue tricolor tiles,which is unique in the archaeological excavation of Daming Palace.In addition,also unearthed a bronze Buddha and gilded bronze bubble nails,copper plaques,etc.It can be inferred from the unearthed relics that the Sanqingdian was very prosperous and magnificent.