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The site of Taiye Pool

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Taiye Pond is the earliest and the largest imperial garden discovered by Chinese archaeology.This man-made imperial landscape was built by Emperor Taizong as a place for rest and play for his father,Li Yuan.After Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty moved to Daming Palace,Taiye Pond became a place for emperors and their concubines to enjoy themselves.
The Taiye Pool in the Tang Dynasty was divided into the West Pool and the East Pool.The East Pool was about 30,000 square meters,and the West Pool was about 140,000 square meters,connected by a trench.Pond has Penglai,Yingzhou,Abbot three islands,Penglai Island built Taiye Pavilion,equipped with dragon bed,throne,books,tables and chairs,for the emperor and close ministers here to listen to optimistic scenery,poetry for Fu.
In ancient Chinese myths and legends,there are three immortal mountains in the East China Sea,Penglai,Fangabbot and Yingzhou,which are covered with elixir of immortality and live with immortal beings who live long and happy lives.Ever since Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty built the symbolic"Yao Pool and Three Fairy Mountains"in the city of Chang'an,"one pond and three mountains"has been the traditional pattern of royal gardens throughout the dynasties.
As you can see now,the Taiye Pond is about 30,000 square meters in the east and 90,000 square meters in the west.The residual height of the rammed earth platform at the Penglai Island site is about 5 meters.At the beginning of this century,a joint Chinese and Japanese archaeological team excavated the site and confirmed the direction and structure of the pool bank,and found traces of corridors,houses,ditches and drainage pipes distributed on the bank.This shows that the Taiyu Pool is not only a scenic spot of the lake in the palace,but also a function of water storage and drainage.
According to the relevant literature records and the Tang Dynasty Daming Palace map,Taiye Pond has a pool of water for years,the clear waves rippling,the water on the surface of the lotus blossom,reeds,often yellow birds,wild geese and other birds through it,play and appear.From 1998 to 2005 in May,China,Japan of joint team again,the two countries on the site too liquid pool has six archaeological excavations,6 times,archaeological excavations,also at the bottom silt layer was found in a number of the preserved complete size shells,also clean up out of the inclusions in the mud of a large number of traces of lotus leaf scars,with many lotus leaf and lotus stems.On the back of a stone unearthed in the silt,the traces of water plants in the shape of leaves were clearly left.The discovery of these relics illustrates the beautiful scenery of the submerged fish,snails and lotus leaves in Taiye Pond at that time.