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Conversations spanning thousands of years

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More than a thousand years ago,Daming Palace,as the central palace of the Tang Dynasty,once witnessed the unprecedented brilliance and glory of the Tang Empire with unparalleled magnificence.Standing on the top of the Eastern civilization admired by the world,behind this grand palace was an insurmountable brilliant empire.
The past over a thousand years.A city,from the functional type to the cultural type,is it to choose the mediocrity of high-rise buildings,or to choose the personality gene of flourishing?It depends on the city's memories and historical context buried in its bones.
The bells of the new millennium have fallen silent.But China's cities have never lost their ambition.Xi'an is such a civilized city with the charm of Zhou,Qin,Han and Tang Dynasties,walking from the historical pride to the great city.
Today,Xi'an,a great city,is experiencing a historic choice.Daming Palace,the silent ruins of a thousand years once again leaped onto the stage of the history of Chinese civilization,showing its magnificent dance and the heroic and confident Chinese nation to the world...
The splendour of a noble age
Jiang Ze,chicken person,
Shang clothes into cui cloud qiu.
Nine days ChangHe palace,
All nations adorn themselves in royal diadem.
The sun moves before the fairy palm,
Cigarettes want to float alongside dagon dragon.
Chao bar must cut the five-color zhao,
Pei sound return to phoenix pool head.
Wang Wei,a poet of the Tang Dynasty,wrote about the palace's magnificence in his book He Jiashe Ren in the Early Dynasty.At that time,Europe had just entered the"Dark Middle Ages"after the fall of the Western Roman Empire.By 1000,Constantinople had a population of 300,000,while Paris had a population of just 20,000.And at that time,chang'an was a millionaire population in the world metropolis,the palace is the most majestic buildings in the city,in its 200 years,only created covers an area of 350 hectares,with more than 50 halls and pavilions the bustling city,the history of architecture in the world is an insurmountable level,there are 17 emperor in the"class".There is no doubt that the imperial palace symbolizing the supremacy was the commanding height of world civilization at that time and the concentrated embodiment of political civilization and system civilization in the Tang Dynasty.
At the end of the Tang Dynasty,wars went on and on,and the political and economic center gradually moved to the south.Rural China had never seen such a magnificent and heroic era again.Tang's legend,Tang's glory,live in the"autumn wind blowing Weishui,leaves full of Chang'an"in the classical poetry,live in the fragments of history.
The cultural choice of"functional city"
After a thousand years,today,Daming Palace only left some rammed earth ruins and the history of the long river never devout memories.In 1961,the Daming Palace Site was listed by the State Council as one of the first national key cultural relics under protection.The protection of the Daming Palace Site is the protection of Chinese traditional civilization and the salvation of the cultural diversity of the world.
The historical relics of a city represent the value orientation and core competitiveness of a city.In the heroic age based on GDP,the GCP(gross domestic product)brought by cultural and historical relics can not be ignored.In the competition of Chinese cities in the new millennium,chongqing is rising,chengdu is making efforts,and nanning is eyeing up.Xi'an,an ancient capital of thousands of years,is faced with another choice.
In 2007,shouldering the responsibility of cultural rejuvenation,Xi'an,a famous historical and cultural city,began a great practice of harmonious coexistence of historical and cultural heritage and the city on the holy land of Daming Palace ruins.In the past,the city took a detour or even suffered from the ruins in the long course of history.Today,the city retains its memory because of the ruins,rejecting mediocrity and choosing nobility.
Cities have experienced a difficult choice from"functional",which simply meets people's needs for life and communication,to"cultural",which provides happiness index and urban dignity.How can Xi'an find its own cultural gene and maintain its noble cultural lineage and cultural inheritance in the lost city competition?
This is the inevitable pang of China's urban transformation from mediocre to great.
The protection and construction of Daming Palace National Heritage Park is again a test of Qujiang,a national cultural industry demonstration area.This is a good team,once created and are creating a series of xi'an find cultural confidence and cultural consciousness of major projects:the wild goose pagoda north square,datang furong garden,QuJiangChi ruins park,cold kiln ruins park,famen temple cultural scenic spots,lintong county tourist resort,floor guangtai culture environment and so on.
Qujiang is leaping on the crest of the wave of China's cultural industry,which is the inevitable choice for China's cultural industry to develop to a certain stage!
The tide of a new era
In our country on the arrival of the fifth Chinese culture heritage day comrade li changchun published titled the common spiritual home for the development of cultural heritage protection construction,the important speech,speech stressed that"cultural heritage is bearing the weight of the glorious history of the Chinese nation,promote the cultural heritage protection achievements maximize benefit all the people,rich people's spiritual and cultural life."
In the process of da national park construction,director of state administration of cultural heritage ChanJi cheung ruins to inspect the instruction work many times,and across the country to the palace ruins protection gave high evaluation and propaganda,think this is a milestone of great site protection in our country,his evaluation on behalf of the state administration of cultural heritage of xi'an site to protect this great practice.The former president of the International Council on Monuments and Sites(ICOMOS),Mr.Peset,praised the preservation of the Daming Palace Site as an international mission.The construction of the Daming Palace National Heritage Park is a world cultural heritage protection project,and ICOMOS has the responsibility to make it an important part of the world cultural heritage protection project.
What will happen to Daming Palace,a relic that has remained silent for thousands of years?How can China's cultural heritage protection get out of the"rules of the game"set by Westerners?How can the protection of China's cultural heritage be truly inherited and carried forward so that the heritage can stand in the center of the city with dignity?Qujiang,this has created many cultural peaks of the team will face a difficult course?
Dialogue of civilizations across a thousand years
North of Ming City Wall,south of Longshou Yuan.Seventy years ago,when the Longhai Line was opened,the train entered this vast area forgotten by history among the weeds.Since then,there has been an unforgettable and tangled name here--"Daobei".
It's a civilized conversation.Who's talking to whom?Where do I talk to you?Dialogue with what?
What has been deeply forgotten is destined to be forcefully evoked.This is a dialogue between history and reality,between greatness and dignity,between desolation and prosperity,between Dabei and Daming Palace,Qujiang and Daming Palace,Xi'an and Daming Palace,China and Daming Palace,and the world and Daming Palace.
For a long time,the spiritual dilemma encountered by modern cities is doomed to be solved by"development",and the"one side of every city"caused by the city-building movement which is eager for quick success and instant benefits is doomed to make history and reality,and the city and its citizens have no dignity at all.To return dignity to the citizens,to the ruins,to the history,there is no doubt that this is the choice of Daming Palace.
"Authority,strength,pleasure,interest".If this is a 16 th-century Italian giovanni potter,in his book"theory of city great dignity of reason"put forward by the city of four big reason,he said,"make a rich and powerful city people is the best way to have the supreme authority and power,it will cause of its subordinate,the subordinate collection,collection is powerful."
Whether from the"authority"of the historical city construction,or the"strength"inspired by the nation;Whether it is the"happiness"that citizens deserve,or the"benefits"that the city deserves,the Daming Palace has such a basic cause of greatness and dignity,such a powerful reason.
Move from the north to the palace relics protection,decision makers of the construction of the palace national park which is a great site protection,improve people's livelihood"hill",to protect big ruins,change way north poor masses life,realize the harmonious development of cultural heritage and the urban modern firm faith,keep in mind the people-oriented,harmonious demolition,to ensure that the legitimate rights and interests of guiding idea,need to have a batch of bodhisattva heart,GanDanZhaoRen man to complete the great practice.In less than 150 days,Qujiang's team completed the task of moving a 3.5 square kilometer area of the site park.The relocation involves a wide area,a large number of people,the situation is complex,in Shaanxi Province,Xi'an history is rare;But the speed,social stability,the high degree of mass satisfaction is unprecedented,this can not but say is a miracle.
The realization of the city's value
What are the values of a city?
In the process of urbanization,how to maintain the dignity of the sites and how to benefit the people and enrich the cultural life of the people.Lewis Mumford,an Englishman,mentioned in The History of Urban Development that"the main function of a city is to transform force into shape,power and power into culture,decadent things into vivid artistic modeling,and biological reproduction into social innovation"."The three basic missions of a city are to store culture,transmit culture and transform culture."
The development of the city,not just"pie"of urban area,the key is the value of the city is perfect to cash,the perfect reappearance of city culture,city spirit of perfection,da national park,not only is the core of the xi'an city spirit,value,culture radiation area,and it is affecting urban development,change the quality of life for the life of the important carrier.
Da national park,is a site with a complex park,it will be great site protection and cultural inheritance,improve people's livelihood,improve people's happiness and a sense of pride in xian perfect combination,make the big ruins protection while inheriting historical culture,bring us back to the spiritual home of Chinese civilization,eventually to cash the core value of the ancient capital of civilization city.It is simple and rich in connotation,beautiful and vicissitudes of life,international and distinctive national characteristics.Its cultural image permeates the temple front area,the palace area and the palace garden area,permeates the 240 mu of Taiye Pool's sparkling water,and infiltrates in the ancient and modern civilization of Xi'an's city bones......