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Remembering the Construction History of Daming Palace National Heritage Park: Return Daming Palace with Dignity

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In order to protect the great ruins,this special group of fighting heroes left their homes and businesses,regardless of personal gain and loss,day and night to work in the front line.In less than three years,the construction of the Daming Palace National Heritage Park was initially completed,paving a new way for the protection of national and even world heritage sites,setting a benchmark and an example,and creating a beautiful landscape for the urban construction of Xi'an.
During the interview,the reporter had a long talk with Duan Xiannian,the deputy mayor of Xi'an who is in charge of the protection of the Daming Palace ruins.In his opinion,Xi'an,as an important birthplace of Chinese civilization,has left complete,abundant and supreme cultural resources in the long history of more than 5,000 years.In particular,the Tang Dynasty,with its open,inclusive and positive spirit and form,pushed China's historical civilization to the peak.Daming Palace of Tang Dynasty is the most splendid palace group in Chang'an city of Tang Dynasty,where scenes of the historical drama of the nation dressed in peace and security have been staged,which has become the proud memory of the Chinese people at home and abroad.The preservation of the Tang Dynasty Daming Palace Site is not only a matter for Xi'an people,it belongs to China and the whole world.It is the unshirkable responsibility of our generation to protect,inherit,utilize and develop the Daming Palace Site.
1.Daming Palace from prosperity to decline
For the Daming Palace,not all readers are very clear,the reporter need to spend a little ink,in common language to introduce this once brilliant buildings.
Daming Palace,built in the Tang Dynasty,is regarded as one of the pinnacle of Chinese palaces.After the founding of the Tang Dynasty,officials of all sizes temporarily had no offices of their own,so they used the Daxing Palace left over from the Sui Dynasty.But it changed its name to Tai Chi Palace.Taiji Palace was low-lying,and it was hot in the summer in Xi'an(called Chang'an in ancient times),so the emperor would go to Jicheng Palace on the Weibei Plateau every summer.After Li Shimin became emperor,he wanted to shout the old emperor Li Yuan every time.Li Yuan was superstitious and said that Emperor Wen of Sui died in Jiucheng Palace.When he went there,he felt uncomfortable and refused to go.Li Yuan wanted to rebuild a palace,but his son now in the hands of the power,embarrassed to open his mouth,let Li Shimin guess his mind.Li Shimin was smart enough to figure out what Li Yuan was thinking,so he decided to build another palace more luxurious than Tai Chi Palace,and the money was paid out of the money Li Shimin saved personally.Finally,the site was chosen on the highland of Longshouyuan,which was named Daming Palace.It takes an emperor a long time to build a palace.Li Yuan died before the Daming Palace was finished.Even Li Shimin himself did not spend a day and a half in the Daming Palace,which he ordered built.
The construction of Daming Palace is really not easy,cover cover,stop cover cover,until Tang Gaozong,the half project took over the hand to build again.The construction took 30 years off and on,and there is no telling how much money it cost.There were more than 100,000 craftsmen working on it,not to mention those who moved bricks and mud.
With our present vision,is not the office,what to do so big site.Wrong,the emperor of Tang Dynasty wanted that style.In the world at that time,Chang'an was the first city with a population of over one million.Its politics,economy and diplomacy were unprecedentedly prosperous.Many countries came to the court and thousands of states came to congratulate it.So he built the largest palace in the world.Seventeen emperors of the Tang Dynasty once ruled in this huge complex.
The Daming Palace covers an area of more than 5,200 mu,4.5 times the size of the current Palace Museum in Beijing,12.7 times the size of the Kremlin in Russia,15 times the size of Buckingham Palace in the United Kingdom,and 300 mu larger than New York's Central Park.
It is a good play also has a curtain call,then brilliant will become the past.In 904,when Emperor Zhaozong of the Tang Dynasty moved the capital to Luoyang,the dazzling Daming Palace was demolished,leaving only steps and rammed earth.
2.Xi'an Declaration and Great Heritage Site Protection
In October 2005,the 15th Congress of the International Council on Monuments and Sites was held in Xi'an.More than 1,000 delegates from nearly 100 countries reached the Xi'an Declaration.The Declaration calls for interventions through legislation,policy development,planning and management to reduce the destruction of the authenticity,integrity and diversity of cultural heritage by the process of urbanization.
It is a long story to mention the protection of Daming Palace ruins.In 1961,the Daming Palace Site was listed as one of the first key cultural relics under national protection.However,due to its large size and inadequate protection measures,the Daming Palace Site may be damaged by humans at any time.
Within 3.5 square kilometers of the Daming Palace Site,there is the largest shanty town in Xi'an.Most of the shantytown residents are from Henan.In 1938,Huayuan mouth of the Yellow River burst,and a large number of refugees from Henan fled to Xi'an with their children and daughters.These refugees were really afraid of the original low-lying areas flooded,learn to remember,they settled in the higher Daming Palace ruins area.Longhai railway after the repair,and a group of henan people along the railway meandering.None of these people came from rich families,so they were not able to build better houses.When they could build better houses,the state would not allow them to do so because the Daming Palace Site is protected.For 70 years,there was little development in the area known as Daobei.They couldn't dig the sewer for fear of destroying the great site.The inability to build a building involves digging a foundation.The poorer the place,the more things.Fighting,fighting,taking drugs,gambling,in the shanty towns.
In addition to the dirty shantytowns,there are more than 10 urban villages and 88 public institutions within the Daming Palace site,involving 25,000 households and more than 100,000 people.It is almost impossible for the tiny number of cultural relics administrators to protect the 3.5-square-kilometer site and explain its importance to the more than 100,000 people who live there.Wu Chun,deputy director of the Cultural Relics Bureau of Daming Palace Protection Office,told reporters that the rapid economic development in recent years has led to a large number of units and individuals who want to engage in homosexual construction,which directly threatens the safety of the Daming Palace Site.Cultural relics protection personnel are few,often gu got east,can not care about the west,gu got head,can not care about the tail.At that time,we were all very worried.At this rate,in a few years,the Daming Palace Site would be gone.There would be nothing left to protect it in the future.No way.The ruins of Daming Palace are rich legacies left to us by the ancients.If it is destroyed in our hands,we will be sinners forever.At that time,cultural relics workers from Shaanxi and Xi'an contacted relevant departments many times,demanding that decisive measures be taken to solve the problem of the protection of the Daming Palace site,and the Xi'an Declaration be implemented.
In October 2008,the reporter went to work in Xi'an,it is the Daming Palace ruins area demolition stage.Looking from a distance,the Daming Palace ruins area is full of messy building materials markets and crowded shantytowns,can not help sighing,to move so many units and users,the difficulty is really too big.
3.The burden is on the shoulders of Qujiang team
The ruins of Daming Palace are under constant protection.
From the Party committee and government of Shaanxi Province to the Party committee and government of Xi'an City,the chief officials are all considering the question of who will draw the bow and how to discharge the arrow.'The Daming Palace site is not protected and is in danger of being destroyed,'Sun Qingyun,a member of the Standing Committee of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the Xi'an Municipal Party Committee,told reporters.'Invest in protection immediately.Where will the huge funds come from?'State appropriation alone is certainly not enough.The state can allocate about 100 million yuan for the protection of the ruins in Xi'an every year.If all this money is spent on the construction of the protection of the Daming Palace ruins,it will take 120 years.It's a long process.It is even more impossible to get money from the finance of Xi'an city,which is also very difficult.After many thoughts and repeated discussions,we decided to put this burden on the shoulders of Xi'an Qujiang team and solve the problem through government-led and market-oriented operation.
Facts have proved that the decision of Xi'an Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government is quite correct.Duan Xiannian,vice mayor of Xi'an City and director of Qujiang Management Committee,is the director of the Daming Palace Site Protection Office in Xi'an.With his extraordinary courage,wisdom,vision and verve,the leader of Qujiang,a national cultural industry demonstration park,led the excellent Qujiang team to overcome difficulties,making positive contributions to the improvement of Xi'an's tourism function,the development of cultural industry and the improvement of the city's appearance.From the North Square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda,Datang Lotus Garden,Ocean Hall,Famen Temple Buddha Culture Exhibition Area,Louguantai Road Culture Exhibition Area to the rise of Qujiang New Area,the wisdom and sweat of Qujiang people have been poured out.When a leading comrade of the central government visited Xi'an on a research trip,he paid a special visit to the Lotus Garden of the Tang Dynasty and talked with people relaxing in the park.Afterward,in the meeting of leaders and cadres of provinces and cities,leaders and comrades gave a high evaluation of the city construction of Xi'an and Datang Lotus Garden.
In an interview with reporters,Duan Xiannian admitted that after receiving the task,the pressure was so great that he could not sleep well for a long time and dreamt about the protection of the Daming Palace ruins.Duan Xiinian said:"To give this burden to us is a show of trust to me and to the Qujiang team.We can only do it well,not badly!"
Old section of his men have some elite generals,he will be under the Qujiang management committee deputy director Zhou Bing called to the office.
Zhou Bing,who was born in Danfeng County,Shangluo,southern Shaanxi Province,participated in the planning and management of many projects with Lao Duan.The green mountains and clear waters in southern Shaanxi nurtured this"scholar"with an international vision.Zhou Bing guessed what Lao Duan wanted to do when he"met"with him.Zhou Bing,PhD in Management,is a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University in the United States.He studied under the economist Professor Jiang Zhenghua and the Academician of the National Academy of Sciences,tenured professor at Stanford University.He has long been engaged in theoretical research in the fields of urban economy,urban resource and population management,cultural communication and evolution.Lao Duan said,the Daming Palace ruins protection task is too arduous,fighting this battle,Xi'an city construction,tourism environment construction is crucial,if this hard bone can not chew down,really have no face to the municipal party committee,the municipal government to pay!Zhou Bing said,you say it clearly,I can do something.Old paragraph way,let you take a good exercise this time,knowledge is done well,no practice is just armchair talk.We plan to appoint you as the commander in chief of the construction of Daming Palace National Relics Park.Don't let us down on your expectations.Zhou Bing know how much this stage,no refuse,no conditions,no humility,said a sentence please leadership rest assured,I will seriously walk every step!
The commander in chief is a tough job.The task came back,and the uncomfortable and difficult thing came after it.Not long after the construction of the Daming Palace National Relics Park began,Zhou Bing unconsciously wrote three big words on the paper:Difficult,difficult,difficult!Then he explained his understanding of the word"difficult"with this sentence:"Love it,it has rich historical information,it is the ruling center in the heyday of the nation,it condenses the complex of the Chinese people all over the world;Difficult,its huge cost,relocation of 100,000 residents,equivalent to the relocation of a large Chinese county or two cities in the United States;Challenge,experts say,to'have nothing and do nothing',and citizens have a right to demand that it provide public services to the city;The city needs it to function as a Central Park."
The reporter asked Zhou whether three"difficult"words are enough to sum up all"difficult"?Zhou Bing smiled:"The four difficulties are not enough,demolition and funding,protection and display,design and construction,dissemination and cognition.One difficulty at a time,anyway,nothing is difficult!"
The burden is on the shoulders of the Qujiang team,and the builders who fought in the protection of the Daming Palace Site paid not only the time but also the health.
Sun Fuxi,deputy director of Xi'an Municipal Bureau of Cultural Relics and deputy director of Daming Palace Protection Office,was in charge of the exhibition of Daming Palace Site Protection Project during the Shanghai World Expo.He has been traveling between Xi'an and Shanghai for a long time.When the palace in the Shanghai world expo international exhibition bureau awarded the 2010 world expo in Shanghai international exhibition,the"medal"silver and issued by the Shanghai municipal committee of the"world expo pioneer front-line action achieved grass-roots party organizations"award and so on many awards,he finally breathed a sigh of relief,and he,however because of serious physical overdraft,lie in the hospital underwent a big operation.Wang Xijing,Deputy Director of Xi'an Planning Bureau and Deputy Director of Daming Palace Protection Office.Since 2007,he has been involved in the protection of the Daming Palace ruins.Within the scope of 3.5 square kilometers of the park,he left his footprints.He made field surveys and on-site discussions again and again,so that he could stick to the truth with first-hand information and withstand the accusations of many"unknown right and wrong"people.His office,dubbed"the lighthouse"by colleagues,is the last place to turn off the lights.Shao Zhengrong,deputy director of the Daming Palace Protection Office.As the person in charge of the financing work for the protection of the Daming Palace Site,the burden of 12 billion yuan can be imagined.At this time,a daughter's filial piety,a wife's virtuous,a mother's love all make way for work...There are Ren Xi'an,Zhang Jiangong,Liu Youming,Ni Mingtao,Xu Jingwen,Liu Hongmei,Zheng Yi,Wang Xiaoyong,Wang Fengying,Li Yimin,Wang Junwu,Chang Wenzhi and so on,they are the most lovely people in the protection of the great ruins;They are heroes who are fighting in the field of protecting great sites in our country...