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The protection of great sites is a battle of protection in the process of urbanization

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The Chinese nation has gone through a historical process of 5,000 years and has gone through a long period of time.The great relics,which record the development,prosperity and replacement of human economy,politics,culture and society,are the most valuable material evidence of the development history of our nation's 5,000 years of civilization.
Today,with the acceleration of the urbanization process,the great ruins that have been sleeping for thousands of years have been awakened one after another,bearing the great mission of inheriting the historical context,and launching a dialogue with the world through time and space.History,is the continuation of a national spiritual civilization,is a link between the past and the future of the back of The Times,as an important carrier to visually present the history,must not disappear in the flood of reinforced concrete convergence.The protection of great heritage sites is becoming a battle of protection in the process of urbanization in China.
Internationally,archaeological sites parks have been proved to be an effective and increasingly mature mode of site protection and utilization,and have become a very attractive new urban landscape,effectively narrowing the distance between sites and the public,so that the national consciousness of cultural heritage protection can be enhanced.
The ruins of Daming Palace in Xi'an are the most glorious remains of the Tang Dynasty in China.Covering an area of 3.5 square kilometers,the ruins depict the nobility and grandeur of the ruling center of the Tang Dynasty with a broad mind.Xi'an municipal party committee,municipal government successful practice of the government-led,social participation and market operation mode,completed on the city's biggest shantytown-palace ruins,100000 residents,88 enterprises and institutions of the demolition,relocation,and the construction of the park,has realized the site protection and site area residents living standards improve,the urban environment improvement,the harmonious development of city modernization construction target,make great site protection a livelihood project,popular project.
In October 2010,the State Administration of Cultural Heritage(SACH)announced the first batch of 12 national archaeological sites parks and the list of 23 projects,and promulgated the Measures for the Administration of National Archaeological Sites Parks(Trial),marking a new stage for the protection of large sites in China.The concept of"protection first,rescue first,scientific management and rational utilization"has become the principle consensus of Chinese cultural relic workers and governments at all levels,which guides the protection of China's great heritage sites and the construction of national archaeological sites parks at the beginning.
"Twelfth five-year"period,our site protection will be there to"protect site ontology,good surrounding environment regulation,people's living standards improve,good economic and social development"as the goal,continue to strengthen the protection of the big ruins and display,the basic form in xi'an,chengdu,luoyang,jingzhou,qufu five culture area,the Great Wall,the grand canal,the silk road and tea ma gu 4 cultural routes,ring a circle border of the distribution of important sites for key,150 big site to support the big ruins protection pattern.