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In October 2007,the project to protect and renovate the Daming Palace Relics Area was officially launched,and the demolition and construction of the 3.5 square kilometers of Daming Palace National Relics Park began in full force.
Over the past three years,the shanty towns and urban villages that had long been occupied on the site have been completely relocated,and 25,000 households,100,000 people,89 enterprises and public institutions and over 6,000 businesses have been properly resettled.
Da national park construction is the 21st century China cultural heritage protection and utilization of a comprehensive,large-scale exploration,construction process,strictly in accordance with the requirements of the world heritage protection and management,attaches great importance to the protection of cultural relics and the fusion of modern life,the combination of the urban cultural construction and ecological environment construction,planning and design on fully absorb and draw lessons from the domestic and foreign first-class design agencies and international high-end design firm advanced idea,created the domestic and international numerous design agencies compete to participate in China's large soil site protection of precedent.Three years,according to"one axis and three areas,the palace garden,cultural heritage,the city landscape planning concept and the culture of"grand atmosphere,plain vicissitudes of life"image,has completed the 11 palace door address and more than 40 ruins of buildings,squares,Bridges,identify the project and the park road and the surrounding supporting infrastructure projects such as construction,in xi'an and even across the country opened ruins park planning and construction of the advanced mode.In July 2010,the state administration of cultural heritage fully affirmed the achievements of palace ruins protection work,points out that the construction of the palace national park,for the palace ruins laid a good foundation for the overall protection,for xi"an economic and social development and made great contribution to the urban construction,the largest site protection and the archaeological sites in the country park construction has played a very good demonstration effect,far-reaching influence.
On October 1,2010,the Daming Palace National Heritage Park was completed on schedule and opened to the public.The picturesque Daming Palace National Heritage Park has 36 existing ruins,of which 6 are above-ground sites,covering an area of 3.5 square kilometers,4.5 times the size of the Ming and Qing Imperial Palace in Beijing.In November of the same year,Daming Palace National Heritage Park was awarded one of China's first national archaeological sites parks by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage.
The protection of large heritage sites and the construction of heritage parks are new topics in our country.The people of Daming Palace dare to be the first,bear the heavy burden,and innovate.In just three years,the construction of Daming Palace National Heritage Park was completed,paving a new way for the protection of national great heritage sites and the construction of heritage parks.The construction of the Daming Palace National Heritage Park has created a new conservation model of"heritage site+park",which has improved the living conditions of local people,beautified the urban environment,enhanced the pride of the people and enhanced the cultural taste of the city.It has become a model project for the protection of great heritage sites in China and even in the world.
Since its launch in October 2007,the project has not only protected and displayed the Daming Palace Site in a scientific and complete way,but also given full play to the role of the site protection in improving people's livelihood and improving the city.Over the past seven years,the living conditions and living conditions of the people in the site have been fundamentally improved.The per capita housing area has increased from less than 10 square meters to more than 25 square meters,benefiting nearly 150,000 people directly.With the improvement of the transportation network,the integration and improvement of educational resources and the construction of the medical and health service system,the happiness index of people in the site area has been significantly improved.
In the past seven years,with the accelerating pace of the old city reconstruction and the putting into use of a large number of urban infrastructure construction projects,the urban environment of the site area has been significantly improved,the urban function has become increasingly perfect and the urban image has been greatly enhanced.A number of major cultural and commercial projects,such as Dahua•1935,Daming Palace Wanda Plaza,Century Golden Flower Daming Palace Flagship Store,Daming Palace Central Square and Sihai Chinatown,have taken root in the site area,and the modern service industry cluster has accelerated development,which has produced a strong driving effect on the regional economy.In 2011,the project of Daming Palace National Relics Park won the highest award in the field of architecture in China--"China Habitat Example Award".Today,standing on the ancient and heavy city wall of Xi'an,looking to the north,a new city with rich historical and cultural atmosphere is rising fast.