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To explore the balance between conservation and utilization of large heritage sites

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The Daming Palace Site is regarded as a model of great heritage conservation.There are many great ruins in modern cities.However,due to historical reasons,the areas where these large sites are located have become the dead corners of the previous urban reconstruction,and"forgotten corners of the city,dirty and messy corners"seem to be the characteristics of large sites in cities.
In the construction of Tang Daming Palace Site Park,Xi'an City closely combined with the overall urban construction plan of Xi'an City and the reconstruction project plan of shanty towns in the north of Xi'an City.All 3.2 square kilometers of the Daming Palace Site were used for the protection and exhibition of the site,and the residential community was rebuilt outside the site area.More than 100,000 low-income people who have been living in the site for decades now bid farewell to the living environment with serious inadequate infrastructure,such as water supply and water supply,and live in the new spacious and bright houses with perfect living facilities.The living conditions of people in the site area have been thoroughly improved.
If improving the quality of life of"aboriginal people"in the site protection is the concern of the people's livelihood,then for the masses outside the site protection,the main purpose of the site protection is to meet people's demand for the sharing of cultural achievements.As Shan Jixiang,the former director of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage,said,"The fundamental purpose of cultural heritage protection is to preserve it well and pass it on to future generations,and to realize the sharing of this precious resource by the whole people in modern times."
On June 22,2014,after years of efforts,the Daming Palace Site was successfully listed as a World Cultural Heritage Site as an important part of the project"Silk Road:The Road Network of Chang'an and Tianshan Corridors".This is not only a summary,but also a beginning,has great theoretical and practical significance.First of all,the Daming Palace Site is protected as an archaeological site park to achieve integrity,authenticity and effectiveness.Secondly,on the basis of effective protection of the site,to achieve reasonable utilization,social education function has been fully brought into play.Thirdly,the completion of the site park has produced multiple benefits to the city itself,which is manifested in the ecological environment restoration,cultural construction,tourism development,and the improvement and promotion of the living quality of citizens.Fourth,for a city such as Xi'an with rich historical and cultural accumulation and numerous high-end cultural relics and historic sites,it can be said to find a characteristic road of"driving urban reconstruction by relic protection and boosting the protection of relic sites by urban reconstruction",which is of great demonstration significance.
The successful application of the Daming Palace Site as a World Heritage Site has made this historical and cultural heritage realize a bright turn,and also ushered the protection and management work into a new era.As big site becomes the most beautiful places in the city,improving people's living environment is the most important value in place,as the site be promoting social progress and economic development,people's living standards improve motivation and resources,"nothing"big sites will show to the world throughout the history of"together".