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On June 22,2014 was held in doha,Qatar's 38th UNESCO world heritage committee meeting,China,kazakhstan and kyrgyzstan joint support of"the silk road:changan-tianshan corridor network"wins the world heritage list,magnificent palaces in one thousand will continue to her.
Da national park as an important component part of the silk road,with the support of success and popularity is not only the tourism of xi'an beicheng,or a large number of urban infrastructure,the construction of the people's livelihood security and cultural center,is bound to promote regional industrial structure adjustment and upgrading,drive the xi'an and along the silk road city of all-round exchanges and cooperation and made great contribution to the silk road economic belt construction.
In the process of applying for World Heritage of Daming Palace National Heritage Park,the surrounding urban infrastructure is also an important part of the regional environment improvement and reconstruction.In recent years,the Daming Palace Site Area has spared no effort to invest manpower and funds to speed up the construction of the road network.It has built 24 roads successively,with a total length of 16.3 kilometers,gradually forming the regional microcirculation,and organically combining with the Daming Palace National Heritage Park,which has laid a solid foundation for the success of applying for the World Cultural Heritage Site.This year,10 new roads,with a total length of 3.6 kilometers,will be built within the 19.16 square kilometers of the Daming Palace Site,providing more convenience for the regional economic development of the site and the transportation of the surrounding residents after the successful application.
While the construction of urban infrastructure in the Daming Palace Site Area is accelerated,the transformation of surrounding areas is also accelerated.The successful protection model of Daming Palace Site not only drives the development of the city,but also brings an opportunity for the realization of regional development transformation.Currently,pioneer is stepping up its construction of garden project is palace ruins area placed pioneer village transformation of people's livelihood projects,on the basis of fully respect the wishes of the masses,innovative commercial separation,this paper presents the train of thought,the pioneer village populace's support and the support,make palace ruins area reconstruction of people-oriented idea further,and economic development will also be more dynamic,more people will get more from palace ruins properties for successful benefits.
At the moment,has entered the seventh year of palace ruins area,will be around the qujiang newly developed area"tri-cities two new blueprint,enriching people leave again societe generale"development strategy,innovative ideas,integration of resources,realize development transformation,in accordance with the"resource capitalization,assets industrialization,industry,benefit which efficiently"development ideas,to create the most humanistic temperament beicheng modern service industry clusters.