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Daming Palace National Heritage Park on the adjustment of the number of free reservations notice

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Dear tourists,
For positive response orderly fully restore order to the normal production and life in our province the guidance of the policy,should be the majority of tourists travel demand,combined with the office of culture and tourism issued by shaanxi province of shaanxi province outdoor open a-class tourist scenic spot orderly open again work guide,since March 19,2020,da national park area free appointment quota will control within 30%daily maximum load capacity,dynamic adjustment at present stage for the daily limit of 10000 people(indoor Spaces are not open).
During the opening period,visitors will use real name system and contact free online booking mode.Tourists can log on the official WeChat oWeChatB1 mini-program"Daming Palace National Heritage Park"and"Heyo Travel"mini-program online platform to make reservation(tickets can be reserved within 7 days).After successful reservation,the applicant must hold the QR code,his/her ID card and"Xi'an Personal Electronic Identification Number(Green Code)",and enter the park in an orderly manner at the entrance and exit of Jinshui Bridge in the south,Qingsi Hall in the east and Yanying Hall in the west.

The Daming Palace National Heritage Park will give top priority to epidemic prevention and control and ensure the safe and orderly opening of the park.Please continue to take effective protection during the visit and actively cooperate with the management of the scenic spot.If you have any questions or need help,please call the scenic spot service hotline:029-82200808


Hereby announce.
Daming Palace National Heritage Park
March 19,2010