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Xi 'an Evening News affirmed the fine management of the site area

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(Reporter Wang Wenjing)On March 5,Xi'an Evening News published an article titled"The Urban Fine Management of Daming Palace Relics Area Directs to the Heart of the People",reporting the achievements made in the implementation of the urban fine management of Daming Palace Relics Area.
The article points out that the xi'an qujiang palace to protect the elaborating management office think big,start small,in strict accordance with"the governance mechanism of clear,clear responsibility,smooth,quantitative standard"principle,strengthen the improvement of the public facilities and service level of ascension,to paint the fence,building public bicycle site,replace the garbage,cleaning silt,repair damaged lamps and sidewalks slabs on bus stations,traffic lights installation,harbor reform,adjust green hardening.At the same time,the single signage in Daming Palace National Relics Park has been replaced,the opening hours of more than 30 public toilets have been extended,a detailed hygiene management system has been formulated,and a telephone number for complaints has been set up.Since the implementation of the fine management of the city,a total of more than 260 cases of 22 types of problems have been dealt with.The environmental sanitation and urban appearance within the site have been greatly improved,and the subtle changes have been unanimously praised by the masses.
According to the report,through continuous learning and improvement,cadres and staff have realized the importance and practicality of fine management,and formed a detail-oriented and meticulous style of work,thus laying a good foundation for the long-term development of the site.