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I put green on the old city

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March 12 is the Arbor Day.Yesterday,some districts,counties and development zones in Xi'an organized tree-planting activities,adding patches of green to Xi'an Chanba National Wetland Park,Daming Palace National Relic Park,Lintong National Holiday Area,the south extension of Dongyi Road in Yanta District,Jinghe New City in Xixian New Area and other places.
Chanba Wetland Park adds 20,000 square meters of green
Yesterday morning,in the upcoming Chanba National Wetland Park in Xi'an,more than 500 volunteers from more than 10 member units and several other units of the provincial greening committee planted trees for free,adding 20,000 square meters of green.
The reporter saw at the scene that international friends from the Thai Consulate General in Xi'an also participated in the tree-planting activity.They also came to add a piece of green to the most important ecological corridor in the east of Xi'an.This Arbor Day,the Wetland Park added 20,000 square meters of 1,300 landscape trees.Since 2005,volunteers have planted 20,800 trees in Chanba Ecological District.Journalist Liu Hang Wang Rongzhong
Green Planting in Qujiang New Area Helps"Green Action"
Hundreds of volunteers from Xi'an Jiaotong University and Chang'an University of the Daming Palace Cultural and Preserve Foundation came to the Daming Palace National Heritage Park yesterday to plant trees and make the city's Central Park more vibrant with their own labor.
On the same day,Lintong National Holiday Area all cadres and staff of more than 300 people in Zhiyang five road planting more than 500 trees.In recent years,Lintong National Holiday Resort has been committed to building a major demonstration project of"green urban-rural coordination"nationwide by carrying out"green actions"such as afforestation,building a green industrial system,training green industrial workers,etc.,based on the development principle of"building green and enriching people,ecology first".Journalist Liu Hang Wang Rongzhong.