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The fine urban management of Daming Palace Site reaches the hearts of the people

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Report from our correspondent(reporter Wang Rongzhong Liu hang)the resident that lives in the vicinity of area of site of Daming Palace is careful,can discover:the green space of harbor of bus along road of original too China became the flagstone road that walks conveniently,remote intersection installed traffic light,the bicycle that can be seen everywhere rents a system to go out to the convenience citizen and tourist...Xi'an Qujiang Daming Palace Protection Office refined management from the big,small start to strengthen the improvement of public facilities and service level,meticulous changes in the area of approval by the masses.
"Every time my child is out of school,I have to worry about him crossing the street.I almost had an accident once.If only the Daming Palace protection office could install traffic lights here,the children would be safer."Ms.Zhang Yun's idea also represents the aspirations of the people around the Daming Palace Site.
After understanding,the reporter learned that last June,basaltic road,traffic increasing,jin yuan primary school students and several surrounding community people increasingly uneasy crossing the street,but because of the traffic police force money arrived,failed to set the traffic lights here,so the parents and the owner signed a request about daming protection do lend a helping hand.After study,the protection office that this is a matter of life safety of the masses,decided to start construction on the installation of traffic lights as soon as possible,and entrusted the social affairs bureau in the installation of the end of the transfer to the Xi'an traffic police detachment,to fundamentally solve the problem of the masses crossing the road.
To further optimize the environment of urban development,establish and improve the corresponding to the international metropolis construction of the urban management system,realize the city of fine management,according to the municipal government and qujiang newly developed area management committee on earnestly implement the requirements of the elaborating management city,since the end of last year,palace to protect the elaborating management office held a timely city kick-off,establishing organization,in-depth all departments,subsidiaries,streets in the area,the construction site,to implement self inspection with more than 30 enterprises into the zone evaluation,preparation of implementation plan,proposed conforms to the palace site area the truth of the 22 to solve the problem,and implemented,By the Qujiang New District Management Committee highly affirmed.
"The world is difficult,must do easy;The world's major affairs must be done in detail."City management should start from the details.Part of the bus stops along the way too China due to the effect of green belts,cause the public bus is neither easy nor safety,in order to solve this situation,da protection do harbour reform were carried out for bus stops in time,and to adjust some of the green belts for hardening,convenient for citizens to ride,also reduced the hidden trouble of security and universally welcomed by the masses.
According to introducing,da protection in the process of implementing urban refinement management in strict accordance with"the governance mechanism of clear,clear responsibility,smooth,quantitative standard"principle,further defined department responsibility,zoning,refine management standards,equipped with insufficient in implementing cleaner,construction site management does not reach the designated position,street sends out wild advertising,at the same time,the problems of the vehicles disorderly parking has to paint the site area of 9500 square meters of walls,length of 4.8 km;More than 300 bicycles are available in 10 stations around the site park and its surrounding areas to facilitate the travel of citizens and tourists,advocating the concept of green and environmental protection.According to the same specifications and standards of similar roads,more than 90 fruit leather boxes along Chongxuan Road,Jianqiang Road and Zhujiang Road were added and maintained to ensure cleanliness and beauty.About 600 meters of pipes along Taihua Road were dredged,and about 150 cubic meters of silt were cleared to ensure the normal discharge of sewage in units along the road,and many pothole,damaged street lamps and pavement slabs were repaired to ensure the safe passage of vehicles on Taihua Road.
As the"Central Park of the City"in the ancient city of Xi'an and a national 4A level scenic spot,the Daming Palace National Heritage Park has replaced the single Chinese signage in the park with bilingual signs in Chinese,English and Japanese,making it easier for international tourists to visit.In view of the problem that part of the green space was designed solely from the perspective of beauty,which brought inconvenience to the masses,the management company directly transformed the footpaths stepped by some tourists into roads,which were welcomed by the masses.To make it easier for visitors,the management company extended the opening hours of more than 30 public toilets in the park,formulated a detailed hygiene management system and set up a complaint phone line.
According to statistics,since the implementation of the city's fine management work,the Daming Palace Protection Office has dealt with more than 260 cases of 22 types of problems,and the environmental sanitation and urban appearance within the site have been greatly improved.More importantly,through continuous learning and improvement of understanding,cadres and staff have realized the importance and practicality of fine management from the ideological perspective,and formed a style of paying attention to details and working closely,thus laying a good foundation for the long-term development of the whole site area.