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The visiting team experienced the oil shortage in Uzbekistan

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Uzbekistan oil shortage,this is heard of before the trip,but never felt.But on the way to Samarkand Bukhara(300),the team's caravan experienced for the first time the extent of the famine.The leader deer said that he was looking for a gas station all the way,but the empty gas station certainly indicates that there is no oil to add,and it is possible to add to the gas station,it is certain to queue up,at least dozens of cars,many hundreds of cars,a long line along the roadside.
On the way,people can skip one or two meals or eat less,but the car is not dry,just one liter of fuel is needed,it will not run the last kilometer,so in the hot sun with the air conditioning off the car,is also a suffering thing.Replenishing gasoline was the priority of the trip.As a result,the occasional five-litre or so small oil cylinder placed on the side of the road has become a ray of hope for the team.The place where these oil cylinders are placed means that local residents sell gasoline here.The source is not foreign,the price is not low,and the quality is not easy to say,but it can not be ignored.To be on the safe side,four vehicles in the convoy filled up 40 litres of fuel tentatively at a"black market"labeled No.80,at a cost of 88,000 sum($4),but had no trouble for more than 100 kilometres.By the time the convoy made it to Bukhara,the warning lights on almost all of the vehicles'fuel gauges were on,the immediate problem had to be solved,but the city's fuel shortage was taking a more serious form.
After being contacted,the team made their way through"guanxi"to a garage where the black-market price of petrol was twice that of Tashkent,but they were able to find refill-able petrol.Because it is not a regular gas station,the measurement of gasoline has become one of the most headache problems.I found a 50-litre meter and a 20-litre cylinder,but it took me two refills of fuel when I added it to the car.It took about four hours before all the cars were basically"fed".
On August 29,the convoy continued to Shiwa,where,with the support and coordination of local government officials,the team was able to buy gasoline at the normal price and the gas station opened a green channel for the convoy--without waiting in a queue of hundreds of cars.With petrol shortages still in place in Siwa,only 20 litres of petrol can be filled to a car.Even so,the warmth and friendliness of the Siwa people are evident.