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"Save the Great Ruins" premieres tonight on CCTV

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Compared with the Western sites such as the Acropolis in Athens and the Roman Colosseum,there are obvious congenital deficiencies in the civil structure sites in China,such as fragile rammed earth and the remains that cannot be recognized.How to break through the many dilemmas faced by the great Oriental relics,better inherit the ancient Chinese civilization,and explore a way to protect the great Chinese relics?The documentary"Saving the Great Ruins",directed by Jin Tiemu,a famous director of CCTV,premiered on CCTV 10's"Discovery"program on March 28.Through the film,people can clearly see the protection process of China's great heritage sites,represented by the Daming Palace Site,and understand the unremitting efforts made by the pioneers of China's great heritage conservation in solving many problems.
The Great Site--Dilemma
With the rapid development of economy and the rapid development of urban construction today,the large heritage sites in the center of the city are facing an unprecedented severe test.The Daming Palace Site is located in the core area of the city.With the annual increase of the population on the site and the increasingly dense houses,it has become the largest shantytown in Xi'an.A large number of important sites have been submerged in the villages of the city,and the archaeological work has almost come to a halt.Situated in the northwest of Xi'an,the ruins of Han Chang'an City cover an area of 36 square kilometers.As the largest,most intact,most abundant relics and the highest cultural content in China,the ruins of the capital city are also facing the embarrassing dilemma of man-made destruction and encroachment.As the precious cultural heritage of human beings,the great ruins have objectively become the burden of the city.The fundamental reason,as Zhao Rong,director of the Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Cultural Heritage,explains in the film,is that the existing heritage site is only protected by restriction,that is to say,it is framed by planning and does not allow you to do anything because it is a heritage site.At the same time,due to the restrictions of the laws,regulations and regulations on the protection of the ruins,the people living in the site can only engage in primitive farming,and the living standard has been very low.Shaanxi provincial administration of cultural heritage protection of cultural relics in Zhou Kuiying introduces to the reporter:the sharp contradictions caused the big Chinese relics protection there are a lot of embarrassing questions,on the one hand is the site can not get effective protection,at the same time,because of the limitation of site protection also let people to improve living standards,the end result is only at the cost of the site.The first episode of the documentary"Saving the Great Heritage","The Dilemma",reveals the dilemmas faced by the preservation of the great heritage sites in China,represented by Xi'an,through a large number of field investigations and interviews with government officials,cultural preservation experts and local people.
The Great Ruins--Rebirth
As a famous historical and cultural city in the world,Xi'an is always faced with the problem of how to protect the historical and cultural heritage,how to develop and utilize the city resources on the basis of protection,and how to integrate the protection of historical and cultural heritage with the construction of urban modernization.How to protect the Daming Palace site,and to promote the protection of Han Chang'an City,Qin Epang Palace and other great sites?Documentary saving big ruins fixation of"rebirth",in Beijing,deeply analyze chengdu jinsha ruins,ruins of yuanmingyuan protection concepts and methods on the basis of the record by a panoramic view of palace ruins protection process and a series of protection concept and protection methods of interpretation and interpretation,display the big ruins protection workers in cracking the east China's made during the process of hard,hard exploration.An unprecedented national project to save the site is now in full swing.
Filmed and released by CCTV,the 70-minute documentary is divided into two episodes,exploring the road to the protection of the Great Oriental Heritage Site from different levels and perspectives.From March 28,the film will be broadcast in CCTV 10"Discovery"column for three days,please pay attention.
Air Date:March 28 at 21:25;March 29,10:35;March 29,15:45;Premieres March 29 at 21:25;March 30,10:35;Reruns at 15:45 on March 30.