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Chen Zhongshi: Establishing a foundation is the call of The Times

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The protection of cultural relics is a worldwide cultural project that transcends ethnic groups.The government is the leading force and the public is the basic force,and the civil organizations represented by foundations are the link between the two.As chairman of the Tang Daming Palace Heritage Conservation Foundation,Chen Zhongshi believes that with the development of China's economy and culture,the public's attention to and investment in cultural relics has gradually increased,and it has become the call of this era for the non-governmental forces to enter the field of cultural relics protection and provide support for the government in various forms.
Chen Zhongshi introduced that the Daming Palace Site,as one of the first key cultural relics under national protection,is a cultural treasure left to us by history.Tang palace sites of cultural relics protection foundation is a non-profit public offering foundation,is in contact and try to care about tang palace ruins museum of cultural relics protection and business groups and individual support,enhance mutual understanding,promote the palace ruins area show for the protection of cultural relics and the development of museum,and related scientific research work.The establishment of the Tang Daming Palace Relics Preservation Foundation is a great event and a blessing in Shaanxi's cultural heritage circle.This indicates that the preservation work of the Daming Palace Site over the past 50 years has changed from basically relying on government protection to a new stage of social participation and support.
"I feel very honored to be able to contribute to Shaanxi cultural relics and the Daming Palace ruins.Here,we call on more people and organizations,to be able to continue to focus on the protection of cultural relics around us,let more cultural relics again,let the past site resurgent,from all walks of life support and encouragement,and sincerely hope everyone to donate donated cultural relics and other forms of cooperation,jointly contribute to a repeat of the cultural relics sites".
Chen Zhongshi finally said that after the founding meeting,the Tang Daming Palace Relics Protection Foundation will issue a notice to the whole society to collect cultural relics of the Daming Palace.The foundation will then donate the collected cultural relics to the Daming Palace Museum."We believe that with the attention and support of all sectors of society and the efforts of all the colleagues of the foundation,the Tang Daming Palace Heritage Preservation Foundation will become an important group of people in the field of cultural relics preservation in Shaanxi in the near future.Through this organization,we will unite more people,and make contributions to the preservation and development of the history and culture of the Chinese nation by reproducing the long-term glory of this world-class site.