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Xi 'an railway station reconstruction and expansion to the north of the Daming Palace Danfeng Gate

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The expansion is mainly carried out on the north side of the existing station, which will be connected with Danfeng Gate of Daming Palace through the waiting square by the newly built North Station House and elevated waiting room


Daming Palace


Upon completion,the waiting area will rise from 7,000 square meters to more than 30,000 square meters
The Xi'an railway station will also be connected to the Xi'an Metro Line 4,which is under construction
Huashang News(reporter Du Juan)recently,the reporter learned from the provincial development and reform commission,Xi'an railway station expansion project construction program approved by the China Railway Corporation,Shaanxi Provincial People's Government agreed to start construction in the third quarter of this year,the number of passengers will be sent from the current average of 77,000 people,to about 100,000 people.
In accordance with the plan,the xi'an railway station will be mainly in the north to the expansion of the existing station,the station platform scale from the current six 9 lines,augmented with 9 platform 18 lines,at the same time at the station north of new station building,elevated waiting room,and the palace door red phoenix in morning by waiting square join together,make the xi'an railway station,double station,the double square dual channel pattern.
It is understood that after the renovation and expansion,passenger waiting conditions will be improved.At present,the effective waiting area of Xi'an Station is 7,000 square meters,and after completion,the waiting area will reach more than 30,000 square meters.Passengers sent from the current daily average of 77,000,increased to about 100,000.
In addition,Xi'an Railway Station will also connect with Xi'an Metro Line 4 under construction(Xi'an Metro Line 4 starts from Xi'an North Railway Station and passes through Mingguang Road,Taihua Road,Jiefang Road,Heping Road,Yanta North Road,and South Aerospace Road terminates at East Aerospace Road Station)for the convenience of passengers.With a total investment of more than 8 billion yuan,construction is scheduled to start in the third quarter of this year and take five years to complete.After completion,the Xi'an Railway Station will mainly handle the passenger service of ordinary fast trains,while the Xi'an North Railway Station will only handle high-speed trains.
What changes?
Xi'an East Freight Terminal is adjusted for residential construction
It is understood that the construction time of Xi'an Railway Station Reconstruction and Extension Project is from 2014 to 2018.From now to 2018,the east and west freight stations of Xi'an Railway Station and the special railway lines connected from the east and west stations will be adjusted,and the related railway freight stations and special railway lines will be gradually relocated and dismantled.
After the reconstruction and expansion of Xi'an Railway Station is completed,the freight function of Xi'an East Freight Station will be completely cancelled,and Xi'an East Freight Station will be adjusted to residential construction land.Xi'an West Freight Terminal will also move all the existing freight to Xinzhu after the construction of the new comprehensive freight yard is completed.At this point,Xi'an East,West Station freight mission all ended.
With the closure of the functions of Xi'an East and West Freightage Stations,all the special railway lines directly related to Xi'an East and West Freightage Stations are also out of use and dismantled step by step.Special railway lines connecting textile city,sanmin village and other stations will also be optimized and cleaned up according to the situation.
Why the expansion?
The original line is in the main urban area to restrict urban construction
The railway freight stations and special railway lines in the main urban area of Xi'an have made important contributions to economic construction and social development.
However,as the economic transformation of xi'an,main outward expansion,the original layout in the suburbs or in the edge zone of railway private sidings has in the main,they and the city road crossroads is more,make traffic peak traffic pressure,and restrict the planning and construction of xi'an,and will gradually be demolished.
It is understood that the preparation and relocation plan for the reconstruction and expansion project of Xi'an Railway Station was completed in June this year.According to the plan,the planning of railway freight station and railway special line in the main urban area of Xi'an will be organized and implemented in stages and batches.Based on the principle of"centralization and nearby transfer",the Office of Construction Leading Group of Xi'an Railway Station Reconstruction and Extension Project suggests that the units involved in the demolition should consider the transfer to the International Port Park,Lintong Modern Logistics Park,Weibei Industrial Zone and so on.