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Double festival meeting Daming Palace gives you a Tang "tide" holiday

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Every Christmas round round jade
Double joy never sleeps
This year's National Day coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival
It was a double joy
The celebration of the reunion
In this day of family reunion
8-day"Super Long Golden Week Holiday"
Have you decided how you're going to spend it?
The 10th anniversary of the opening of Daming Palace National Heritage Park
Sincerely offer for everyone
"Hanyuan prosperous age,thousands of years of congratulations"
Daming Palace National Heritage Park
Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.Celebrate the National Day and the 10th anniversary of the opening of the park
Let you have a pleasant and fulfilling stay in Daming Palace
The market is divided into two thematic areas:
Themes of Daming Palace:cultural creation of east and west in the Palace,special bookmarks of Daming Palace,facial makeup,shadow puppets,straw weaving,etc.
Folk experience theme:sugar painting,rice wine,mirror cake,origami rabbit,change Tang costume,etc.In addition,on October 1,4,Tang market will also have live interaction,wonderful,not to be missed.All kinds of shops are displayed in front of the wind,with everything to eat and drink,and a variety of beautiful things to wear and wear,restoring the social prosperity of the prosperous Tang Dynasty,providing tourists and citizens with an all-round experience of eating and drinking,and allowing everyone to touch the leisure of the Tang people thousands of years ago.



1.The East and West Tang Fair Exhibition in the Palace
Time:October 1st-October 8th 9:50-17:00
Location:along the Jinshui Bridge Gate to the Site Museum
Content:in addition to store all kinds of food,tang handmade,etc.,as"emperor""queen"of cruise actor will come to market,and bring scene parade"qiangiu hesui palace",folk acrobatics,magic show is more"liyuan flyby tang emperor worship",games,interactive experience"datang competitive than high performances and activities,such as absolute give you good-looking!



2.welcome the 14th transportation benefit the people performance
Time:October 1st-October 8th
(Two sessions a day,90 minutes each)
Venue:Mass Stage
Performance content:in order to meet the upcoming ten SiYun,we invited famous performance groups in the city of song and dance,quyi,play the shows,huimin series of rich and colorful performances for tourists,meet the demand of tourists and citizens'culture and art,show the palace National Day busy and cultural atmosphere,to show the new age people's spirit,for the social masses provides a wonderful cultural extravaganza.



3.Qinqiang Opera performed by Yi Vulgar Society for the benefit of the people
Time:October 1st-October 2nd 15:30-17:00
Venue:Mass Stage
Performance content:The performance of Qinqiang Opera is held by Xi'an Yitu Society Co.,Ltd.It aims to make the public feel the cultural atmosphere of Qinqiang Opera and promote the traditional Chinese culture.



4.The golden age of our ten years
Time:October 1-October 8 8:30-19:00
Venue:Daming Palace Relics Museum
Content:on October 1,2020,the palace the tenth anniversary of national park in the morning,to commemorate the palace in the 10 years since the significant achievements,show da brand-new brand image,organizing exhibition"of our ten years of change,the exhibition to road north story and da decade's events,important activities,implementation of key projects and park landscape style and features beautiful images,such as daily with documentary,all-round,multi-angle image display,reproduce palace construction development course,tells the story da national park for ten years.



5.Mass Consumption Exhibition and Mass Art Festival
Time:9:00-19:00 from October 1st to October 8th
Location:Imperial Road Square,Daming Palace National Heritage Park
Content:The activity is composed of furniture consumption exhibition and mass art festival.The exhibition hall of furniture consumption exhibition is divided into two sections:building materials and home furnishing comprehensive hall and building materials and home appliances hall.To provide residents with a convenient,high-quality visit consumption places.At the same time,in the form of mass cultural performance in outdoor square,we will provide a magnificent cultural feast.



Hot air balloon ride overlooking Daming Palace
Time:15:00-20:00 PM(depending on the weather)
Location:Imperial Road Square
Content:In the Imperial Road Square,there will be a hot air balloon ride.The balloon can accommodate up to four adults,including the pilot,and can reach an altitude of 30-40 meters,equivalent to the height of a 10-story building.The balloon gives visitors a 360-degree view of Daming Palace from the closest point to the sky.
Preferential Benefits:
1.During the National Day,tourists who buy tickets for scenic spots can get a small national flag for free at the cultural and creative flagship store of"Palace of Things"in Daming Palace.
2.Tourists on birthdays from October 1st to October 8th can enter the park free of charge with their ID cards.
3.Tourists whose birthdays fall on October 1,2010 can receive a small birthday gift at the"Palace of Things"Cultural and Creative Flagship Store of Daming Palace.
4.During the activity,visitors with"National Day"in their names can enter the park for free with their ID cards.
5.During the activity,visitors in fancy clothes can visit the park for free.
From October 1st to October 8th
Tang temple to welcome the prosperous times
Daming Palace National Heritage Park
The century of section
Waiting for you