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House things | full moon that thousands of palace heart "the ritual" is you it the most long for (a)

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Double section meet,long holiday coming,home heart is not already on the way?
To the"palace things",choose"heart"ceremony,this thing is the most lovesickness.
1400 years,the profound Tang culture,a long tradition of festival,we have a perfect integration of history and modern,ingenuity,exquisite design,let the palace culture into a life aesthetics,life attitude,life style.
It is the golden age of Hanyuan on paper
Is the colorful vientiane around the neck;
It is the noble grace that holds up the canopy;
It is the tea time in the palm of the hand;
It is also the small fortune of the exchange of tokens.
Thousands of palace reunion,the moon send Acacia,all over the world,family lovers,relatives and friends,eat drunk tea,gossip,enjoy the joy of happiness;During the dinner,drink a cup,cheeks drunk,absentminded time......
Whether the gathering of the present,or the gathering of the ancients,
With gifts to convey love,let the good time freeze.
Tang culture features"heart"ceremony
The inspiration comes from the Dunhuang frescoes of the Tang Dynasty and the classical palace culture."Huagai"the word,refers to the emperor or your official umbrella cover,or refers to the expensive car,the noble travel,then Huagai accompanied.


Daming Palace


Daming Palace

  The canopy umbrella

As the new political center of the Tang Empire after Taiji Palace, Daming Palace witnessed the glorious period of the Tang Dynasty. With the export and dissemination of Tang culture, the Palace of the Tang Dynasty was even known as the "Palace of a Thousand Palace".


Daming Palace


Fridge magnets


Daming Palace


Find the Oriental wisdom of creation, elaborate, pleasing to the eye. Be like between the four seasons, the meal utensils in the living space, let one vegetable one meal, one dish one dish, one stroke one stroke becomes poetic and picturesque, want to live the planting flower that has become a poem, often new often opens.


Daming Palace