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Danfeng, Tang Long, a dragon and a phoenix; On the square bricks unearthed in the palace, auspicious unicorn foot step auspicious clouds; Auspicious beast "exorcise evil spirits" guard the palace around Jin Wuwei; Left green dragon and right white tiger, front rosefinch and back basaltic, look at the ancient Oriental four gods shining thousand palace... Static can play cool, moving can show MOE, how can the Tang Dynasty court legend less god beast infestation!


Daming Palace

What are some ways to instantly become a Tang hipster? Is it a carefully trimmed, slightly warped beard? Or picture dimple, applique twinkle, make liugong fandai no color of the datang most fashionable makeup look? Wait, in the Daming Palace, who could be more fashionable than a saint? How about holding up a fan, wearing a mask and twitching a "sage's edict" between your fingers? He gives me orders as follows: "Please give me orders for you both at home and abroad." All of a sudden you're the coolest palace hipster.


Daming Palace

From Li Shimin, Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty, to Li Ye, Emperor Zhaozong of the Tang Dynasty, a total of 17 emperors ruled from the Daming Palace and ruled the entire Tang Empire for 269 years. Among them are Li Zhi, the famous Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty, Wu Zetian, the only empress in Chinese history, Li Longji, the founder of the "Kaiyuan Era", and Yang Yuhuan, his favorite concubine in his later years. Palaces are built by man, and history is made by man. With the Daming Palace as the stage, the seventeen emperors constructed scenes of splendor and legend belonging only to the Tang Dynasty.


Daming Palace


Notes of the Seventeen Emperors


Daming Palace

Seventeen Emperor's square

Tang Tang, with a long history and origin in Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty, is the most important restaurant in Eastern aesthetic life and a five-consciousness experience in the spirit of tea party culture. Today, we combine the modern pastry making techniques of the East and the West to create a "Palace Tasting" by hiding the theme of Daming Palace in the four Tang Tang sweets.


Daming Palace