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Flutter inexorably da | together in the tang dynasty "light snow"

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It is the 20th of the 24 solar terms and the second of the winter solar terms.It is when the sun reaches longitude 240 degrees."Minor snow is cold and will snow,but the ground is not cold and the snow is not heavy",it means the precipitation begins to change from rain to snow,HMM~the first romantic snow is coming.
Light snow
Cold wintry day,the grass that does not have spring is long warbler flies,the vitality that does not have summer is abundant,also do not have the fruits of autumn numerous,but the winter has the Qinglengdou of white Snow White however,have the intoxicating fragrance of proud snow branch......


Daming Palace


Another year snow season,let us into the Tang Dynasty everybody's poem,and snow again,and the United States meet!
Green ant new fermented wine,red mud small furnace.
Late day snow,can drink a cup of no?
"Ask Liu Shi"by Tang Bai Juyi
In the evening of light snow,I sit around with my relatives and friends beside the hot red stove,drinking the newly brewed rice wine together,and then worrying about family matters.Such a scene,even if separated by many years,will be treasured in the bottom of my heart.


Daming Palace


Flowers snow wind not tired to see,more also willing to lose Lin Luan.
Sorrow is under the window,a piece of flying a cold.
Don Declan,"Little Snow"
Winter,drinking,snow,and so on.
Time cannot be cut,SuJian deep,intone into sorrow.Faint light ink,thick idle sorrow.Time is like the tide,roll to roll,nothing more than the fleeting youth change.I want to brush a cold winter snow,storage to come year,wash you covered with the dust of vicissitudes of life.


Daming Palace


A son ACTS push light snow day,thorn wood still green Geun-Hua ran.
Melt and long raise without time to rest,but the inflammation of the rain and dew partial.
Tang Zhangdeng:Quotations of the Minor Snow Japanese Drama
Jiazi in vain to push the light snow season of the climate,now it seems that Cingwu is still green Geun-Hua still blooming.In the warm and harmonious weather,the quiet heart is free to keep resting all the time.It is the rain of inflammation continent that is partial,which makes me feel so warm.
The original light snow does not snow from the Tang Dynasty began ah,true scenery"play"people!


Daming Palace


Pine leaves Canfor wine,spring to brew how much.
Do not hesitate to mountain far,snow also phase.
Tang Zhang Jiuling:A Answer to Lu Li
The fragrance of pine leaves can be used to brew sweet wine,spring has come,I do not know how much wine you brew in the end?Though the mountain is rugged and far away,I will not refuse your kind invitation,even if the snow is heavy,I will go to visit.
Friendship has been a deep friendship since ancient times.It is better than spring flowers,summer fireflies,autumn wind,winter snow.


Daming Palace


Light snow has clear reed leaves dark,long wave sudden emergency crane hiss.
Alone boat a night of water,watching the mountain moon fall stream.
Tang Chen Yu,A Night Mooring at Jingxi
Minor snow has stopped,the weather cleared,reed leaves dark many,rapid waves,the crane hiss and shrill.I spent the night in my canoe,watching the moon over the hill go down into the stream.
It's so beautiful!


Daming Palace


Years old,all things quiet,light snow seems to slow down the day,it is quiet and indifferent,in youth savings enthusiasm and energy,there is no lack of clever and romantic in the wind.
In such a season,we wish you good health,warm life!