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Modern hipsters out of the street are popular logo clothes, shoes and accessories bags, with the street to take fashion wear. It was the same in the Tang Dynasty, when men would wear "oversize" whenever they went out on the street, and women would dress up delicately with drapes, hats and steps. And the emperor in addition to dress exquisite, travel there is a trend of single products, fine color pattern, it is "canopy". With it, I am able to make my trip cool and fashionable.


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The"Hua"and"Hua"of the canopy are recorded in the"Fa Hua Xuanzan II":In the hot weather of the Western Regions,most people hold the canopy and decorate it with flowers,which is called the canopy.The canopies are made of leaves,bark and bamboo.In the early days of traditional tribal meetings in India,due to the hot weather,they were often held under a tree,with the elders sitting with their backs against the tree trunk.Later,they evolved into portable artificial umbrellas,and the decorations became more and more rich.
Canopy shape in general,the above as the round umbrella,decorated with the center orb decorations or other symbols that have a special meaning,at the bottom of the annular cloth curtain is straight or oblate,also some cloth curtain will be sewn into three layers,and discount,and will be sewn on the cloth curtain of jian with several activities,when the rotating wheel so,sword will dance,movement.Exquisite canopies are even embroidered with various auspicious patterns,lotus vines,etc.,to add to their ornate effect.
The canopy is not just an umbrella to keep out the sun and rain.In ancient times,it has become a kind of royal etiquette and a symbol of authority.The emperor has a canopy to protect the roof,which is a sign of the destiny,so the emperor goes out,there must be a canopy.At that time,people saw the team of the canopy from afar,without asking,they knew that the emperor must be"going out shopping".
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