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To welcome the 14th Yun Daming Palace National Heritage Park to do a comprehensive anti-epidemic work

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In order to meet the arrival of the ten SiYun,da national park adhere to the"relying on science,control,highly sensitive,decisive disposal in accordance with the"the guiding ideology,the full implementation of"early prevention,early detection,early reporting,early quarantine and early treatment"work requirements,from health and epidemic prevention,access control,online publicity three aspects comprehensive epidemic prevention and control work.
1.Strictly strengthen staff daily control.Strengthen health education on infectious disease prevention and control knowledge to ensure that every employee master matters needing attention during epidemic prevention and control.
2.Strictly strengthen personnel temperature monitoring.At the entrance and exit of each single building in the park,posters of Xi'an"One Yard Pass"are set up and temperature monitoring equipment is configured.Staff are assigned to monitor the temperature of entering citizens and tourists and make on-site registration.Citizens and visitors are reminded to enter the park in an orderly manner.Visitors who enter the park without wearing masks are advised in time.
3.Strictly implement the cleaning and disinfection system.In strict accordance with the relevant requirements for epidemic prevention and control,the entrances and exits,toilets,corridors,elevators,escalators,handrails,door handles and other frequently contacted parts shall be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
Strictly strengthening publicity,education and guidance.Slogan and posters will be displayed on the LED screen of the park to publicize epidemic prevention and control knowledge and preventive measures to the public in time.
Daming Palace National Relics Park reminds visitors to the park,please wear a mask,pay attention to safe distance,decentralized tour,orderly visit.
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Daming Palace
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