Scenic area dynamics


Protect the ecological environment

"Green water and beautiful scenery is the Jinshan Yinshan",which is put forward by general secretary Xi Jinping.It expounds the relationship between economic development and ecological environment protection,and reveals that protecting the ecological environment is the principle of protecting productivity and improving the ecological environment,and it is also the new path to realize the co-existence of development and protection.

Talking about the culture of rivers and lakes and publicizing the new ecological civilization

 In order to strengthen the publicity of water culture in Daming Palace scenic area,enhance the awareness,participation rate and satisfaction of the public tourists,comprehensively promote the work of river and Lake Management in Daming Palace scenic area,and promote the ecological governance goal of"clear water,green shore and beautiful scenery"of Taiye lake.On April 6,the office of the head of the river and lake in Daming Palace scenic area organized a meeting to promote the work of the head of the river and lake,fully implement the work of the head of the river system,strive to improve the sense of acquisition of citizens and tourists with the new achievements of the construction of water ecological civilization,and build a beautiful scenic area with harmonious people and water

Warmth your whole winter - Daming Palace National Heritage Park brings people's culture into the community

With a brisk wind blowing north and south, this year's winter seems to be a little colder than usual. With each increase in the chill, everyone's desire for warm sunshine grows deeper. In this cold season, in order to further practice the "culture benefits the people" and warm the "hearts of the people" with "tangible benefits", Daming Palace National Heritage Park has launched a series of activities of "winter gifts" into the community.

To welcome the 14th Yun Daming Palace National Heritage Park to do a comprehensive anti-epidemic work

In order to meet the arrival of the ten SiYun,da national park adhere to the"relying on science,control,highly sensitive,decisive disposal in accordance with the"the guiding ideology,the full implementation of"early prevention,early detection,early reporting,early quarantine and early treatment"work requirements,from health and epidemic prevention,access control,online publicity three aspects comprehensive epidemic prevention and control work.

Water culture promotion in Daming Palace in November

Water is the soul of a city, and the river and lake system is the carrier to shape the urban landscape space environment. Since the development of the Daming Palace River and Lake Manager, the scenic spot has seized the opportunity and strengthened the improvement and protection of the Taiye pool water system landscape in an all-round way in strict accordance with the principle of "comprehensive protection, scientific restoration, rational utilization and sustainable development".

Cultural relics through one thousand | essential "I" of the street, you can also have

Modern hipsters out of the street are popular logo clothes, shoes and accessories bags, with the street to take fashion wear. It was the same in the Tang Dynasty, when men would wear "oversize" whenever they went out on the street, and women would dress up delicately with drapes, hats and steps. And the emperor in addition to dress exquisite, travel there is a trend of single products, fine color pattern, it is "canopy". With it, I am able to make my trip cool and fashionable.

Story | li bai: actually I'm a north bleaching working people

Recently, "migrant worker" has become so popular that "Good morning migrant worker" has become an instant hit on social media. People who move bricks on construction sites, white-collar workers in offices, middle-level leaders and entrepreneurs all regard themselves as "migrant workers". All kinds of jokes also emerge endlessly.

Flutter inexorably da | together in the tang dynasty "light snow"

It is the 20th of the 24 solar terms and the second of the winter solar terms.It is when the sun reaches longitude 240 degrees."Minor snow is cold and will snow,but the ground is not cold and the snow is not heavy",it means the precipitation begins to change from rain to snow,HMM~the first romantic snow is coming.

Monthly summary of the wading work of Daming Palace scenic spot to welcome the 14th transportation

In order to speed up the palace scenic area is too liquid pool beautify the ascension,promote green ecological construction of scenic spots,high standards to meet the 14th session of the national games,palace scenic spot to seize the origins,pursuing the progress,continue to add to promote implementation of too liquid pool coast road green belt

"Celebration of the Thousand Years of the Prosperous Age of Contain Yuan" 2020 Daming Palace celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival, celebrates the National Day and the 10th anniversary of the opening of the park and invites you to travel through the prosperou

On the morning of October 1st, the "Celebration of the Thousand Years of the Golden Age in the Yuan Dynasty" 2020 celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day and the 10th anniversary of the opening of the park was held in Daming Palace National Relics Park in full dress. The event was themed with the unique Tang Dynasty culture of Daming Palace, creating an all-weather immersive Garden Party of the Golden Age.
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Daming Palace National Heritage Park

The Daming Palace of Tang Dynasty covers an area of 3.5 square kilometers, its area is equivalent to 3 Versailles, 4.5 Forbidden City, 12 Kremlin, 13 Louvre, 15 Buckingham Palace, which fully demonstrates the majestic style of palace architecture in Tang Dynasty.


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