Cultural Protection

Protection is the premise of utilization, and utilization is the way of protection

China is a major country of cultural relics in the world.The 5,000 years of continuous Chinese civilization has left behind a large number of colorful cultural relics,which carry rich historical information and cultural genes.Treating cultural relics well is an essential part of inheriting the Chinese culture and keeping the soul of the nation.However,for a long time,there have been two views on how to treat cultural relics well.


The State Administration of Cultural Heritage has completed the first assessment of 12 national archaeological parks

To further standardize and promote the site protection and national archaeological site park construction,management and scientific evaluation of national archaeological site park comprehensive benefit and function,enhance its protection,exhibition


Success in support

On June 22,2014 was held in doha,Qatar's 38th UNESCO world heritage committee meeting,China,kazakhstan and kyrgyzstan joint support of"the silk road:changan-tianshan corridor network"wins the world heritage list,magnificent palaces in one thousand will continue to her.


To explore the balance between conservation and utilization of large heritage sites

The Daming Palace Site is regarded as a model of great heritage conservation.There are many great ruins in modern cities.However,due to historical reasons,the areas where these large sites are located have become the dead corners of the previous urban reconstruction,and"forgotten corners of the city,dirty and messy corners"seem to be the characteristics of large sites in cities.


Changes of Site

In October 2007,the project to protect and renovate the Daming Palace Relics Area was officially launched,and the demolition and construction of the 3.5 square kilometers of Daming Palace National Relics Park began in full force.


The protection of great sites is a battle of protection in the process of urbanization

The Chinese nation has gone through a historical process of 5,000 years and has gone through a long period of time.The great relics,which record the development,prosperity and replacement of human economy,politics,culture and society,are the most valuable material evidence of the development history of our nation's 5,000 years of civilization.


The Daming Palace Ruins Museum

Daming Palace Relics Museum is located in Daming Palace National Relics Park,No.585 Ziqiang East Road,Xi'an City,Shaanxi Province,China.It is a comprehensive museum with the theme of displaying the history and culture of Daming Palace of the Tang Dynasty.


Archaeological Discovery Centre

Daming Palace Archaeological Exploration Center is located on the west side of Hanyuan Hall Front Area of Daming Palace National Archaeological Site Park.It is adjacent to the front area of Daming Palace in the east,west of Dianqian West Road in the south,middle Jianfu Road in the west and Shaoqing Road in the north.


The site of Taiye Pool

Taiye Pond is the earliest and the largest imperial garden discovered by Chinese archaeology.This man-made imperial landscape was built by Emperor Taizong as a place for rest and play for his father,Li Yuan.After Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty moved to Daming Palace,Taiye Pond became a place for emperors and their concubines to enjoy themselves.


Ruins of Sanqingdian

Sanqingdian is a Taoist temple built for Taoist worship.Because Taoism called its religious leaders Yuqing Yuan Shi Tianzun,Upper Qing Lingbao Taoist Lord,Taiqing Taishang Lao Lord,and legend of the three gods living in the celestial wonderland,namely,Yuqing,Upper Qing,Taiqing,called the Sanqing territory,so the temple was named after the Sanqing.We can still clearly see the foundation platform of Sanqingdian.


The ruins of the Hall of Linde

Linde Hall was the main venue for banquets and dances,receiving foreign ambassadors,and setting up the Taoist field.It was the highest ranking banquet hall of the Tang Dynasty.Linde Hall was built about Tang Gaozong Linde years,so to"Linde"named.


The ruins of Hanyuan Hall

Hanyuan Palace is the first palace from the south of the central axis of Daming Palace.It is the first of the three main halls before the imperial court,with magnificent rules and lofty status,which is equivalent to the Hall of Supreme Harmony of the Imperial Palace in Beijing.


Danfeng Gate Site

Danfeng Gate is the south gate of Daming Palace.It was built in the second year of Longshuo in Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty(662)and used for more than 240 years.It was the main passage for the emperors of the Tang Dynasty to enter and leave the palace.


The silk road

The Silk Road refers to the ancient commercial and trade routes that started in ancient China and connected Asia,Africa and Europe.In terms of transportation mode,it can be divided into the land Silk Road and the maritime Silk Road.


The world heritage

World heritage refers to the rare and irreplaceable wealth of mankind confirmed by UNESCO and the World Heritage Committee.It is a cultural relic and natural landscape with outstanding significance and universal value recognized by all mankind.In a narrow sense,the world heritage includes four categories:"world cultural heritage","world natural heritage","world cultural and natural heritage"and"cultural landscape".


Underground Mayan City

The"underground"Mayan city is located in Quintana Roo state in the Yucatan Peninsula in southeastern Mexico.Archaeologists at the institute said the site,which covers about 30 square kilometers,has provided many important archaeological clues to the study of ancient Mayan culture.According to the report,there were many buildings in the site at that time,the largest of which was about 200 meters long at the base and 46 meters high.


Protect Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat,also called Angkor Wat,is located in Cambodia.The original name was Vrah Vishnulok,which means"temple of Vishnu".In ancient Chinese books,it is called"Sangxiang Foshe".It is the best-preserved temple in Angkor,renowned for its architectural grandeur and detailed relief,and is also the largest temple in the world.


Residents around the Daming Palace National Heritage Park will be beneficiaries of cultural relics protection

In the drizzle,Xi'an Daming Palace is especially solemn and solemn.As the political center of the Tang Dynasty,it hosted envoys from all over the world,witnessed the second revival of the Silk Road,and symbolized the open and inclusive spirit of the Han and Tang Dynasties.


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