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Japan's history of large quantities of ancient Chinese copper coins spanned the Tang and Ming dynasties

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About 100,000 to 200,000 copper coins were found in a large urn excavated on December 25 in Kurohama,Rada City,Saitama Prefecture,the city's Underground Cultural and Archaeological Survey announced on Monday.
It is reported that the big urn excavated is the remains of the martial house in the feudal era of Japan.The remains were found during road construction in Saitama prefecture last October.
There are 19 types of copper coins,ranging from the"Kaiyuan Tongbao"of China's Tang Dynasty(cast in early 621)to the"Yongle Tongbao"of the Ming Dynasty(cast in early 1408).Presumably,the copper money was buried after the 15th century.
In the big urn excavated with the text of the visual,which read"260","Guan"and so on.

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