World Heritage

The silk road

The Silk Road refers to the ancient commercial and trade routes that started in ancient China and connected Asia,Africa and Europe.In terms of transportation mode,it can be divided into the land Silk Road and the maritime Silk Road.


The world heritage

World heritage refers to the rare and irreplaceable wealth of mankind confirmed by UNESCO and the World Heritage Committee.It is a cultural relic and natural landscape with outstanding significance and universal value recognized by all mankind.In a narrow sense,the world heritage includes four categories:"world cultural heritage","world natural heritage","world cultural and natural heritage"and"cultural landscape".


Underground Mayan City

The"underground"Mayan city is located in Quintana Roo state in the Yucatan Peninsula in southeastern Mexico.Archaeologists at the institute said the site,which covers about 30 square kilometers,has provided many important archaeological clues to the study of ancient Mayan culture.According to the report,there were many buildings in the site at that time,the largest of which was about 200 meters long at the base and 46 meters high.


Protect Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat,also called Angkor Wat,is located in Cambodia.The original name was Vrah Vishnulok,which means"temple of Vishnu".In ancient Chinese books,it is called"Sangxiang Foshe".It is the best-preserved temple in Angkor,renowned for its architectural grandeur and detailed relief,and is also the largest temple in the world.


Conservation of large sites

The Daming Palace was the political center and national symbol of the Tang Dynasty.With a total area of 3.2 square kilometers,it is a masterpiece of ancient Chinese palace architecture.The layout of the palace complex initiated by the Tang Daming Palace established the ancient Chinese palace system and became the model of Chinese palace architecture after the Tang Dynasty.The Daming Palace Site is the most well-preserved imperial palace site in China.


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