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French media: French expatriates praise Macron's speech at Daming Palace in Xi 'an

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French media: French expatriates praise Macron's speech at Daming Palace in Xi 'an

Daming Palace

The scene of the speech of China Overseas Chinese Network.(Europe Times/photo)
French President Emmanuel Macron's visit to China has attracted the attention of overseas Chinese in France,Europe Times reported.After listening to President Macron's speech at the Daming Palace in Xi'an on January 8,he felt honored to have the Chinese community in France,and the Chinese community in France also felt very proud.Macron also used his Twitter account to pay tribute to the Chinese workers in World War I:"I salute your countrymen who came to France during the First World War to support our resistance.Many of them stayed in France.They were our brothers in that time of suffering."It is also the first time that a French president has given such high praise to the Chinese laborers of World War I.It is not only the mind of a young French president,but also the affirmation of the contribution made by the overseas Chinese in France to France.This is also a reflection of Macron's consistent emphasis on the Chinese community from minister to president.
It is said that there are more than 600,000 overseas Chinese in France,and some French experts say that there are more than 1 million,which is also a large group in France with a population of about 66 million.In particular,during World War I,as many as 140,000 Chinese laborers came to France,making contributions to the freedom and liberation of Europe with their own flesh and blood.The French government's change from concealment to recognition of their contribution,and then to today's French President's regard as"brothers",fully demonstrates the evolution of the status of overseas Chinese in France.
Apart from the descendants of the Chinese laborers of World War I and the Chinese who fled from Southeast Asian countries to France in the 1970s,the vast majority of the overseas Chinese in France today are the groups that immigrated to France after China's reform and opening up.There are not only business immigrants through various channels,but also researchers,teaching staff and people working in various fields who stayed behind after studying in France.These personnel are all over France's aerospace,biopharmaceutical,basic scientific research,energy,transportation,finance,education,justice,tourism,trade,literature and art and other fields,in the government also have their figure.
While making contributions to the development of France in different fields,they also actively and consciously serve as non-governmental ambassadors for exchanges and cooperation between China and France,working hard to promote the friendship between China and France.Among them,there are not only Zhao Wouji,Zhu Tequn,Cheng Baoyi and other French academicians who have made great contributions in the field of humanities,but also a large number of scientific and technological elites such as Zhang Yongmin,academician of French Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences,who have made contributions to the scientific research in France.Chen Wenxiong of Chinese descent was elected as a member of the French National Assembly,as well as an executive in the grass-roots government,and also offered suggestions for the future and development of France in the political field.
When Macron was also the Minister of Economy,he not only signed the agreement of Shandong Expressway Group to buy the shares of Toulouse Airport Management Group despite the public opinion,but also attended the economic seminar organized by the Chinese people in the 13th District of Paris in the first time,expressing his support for the Chinese businesses in the 13th District of Paris to open on Sunday.During his presidential campaign,he also forced the House of Representatives to meet with representatives of the Chinese diaspora and to visit the family of Liu Shaoyao,an overseas Chinese who was shot dead by the police,to express condolences.During the legislative election,he gave his full support to Chen Wen-hsiung,a Chinese member of Paris,for the election of a member of the French National Assembly.All this shows that the young president recognizes the performance and contribution of the French overseas Chinese in France and the role they play in China-France relations.
Ren Limin,the president of the Association of Chinese and Overseas Chinese in France,said that President Macron's visit to our"mother family"shows that our hard work in France has not discredited the"mother family",which is worthy of our pride.The overseas Chinese in France have been abiding by the law in France,silently making contributions to the French economy,culture and other aspects;And influenced by traditional Chinese culture,"we are not only willing to contribute,but also responsible."
It also encourages the overseas Chinese to pay more attention to our image in the future and continue to contribute to the development of France."As overseas Chinese living in France,we are the natural link and bridge between China and France.We also consciously contribute to the friendship between China and France,because we are fully aware that the quality of China-France relations has a direct bearing on the development of our own undertakings.To promote the development of China-France relations is conducive to the benefit of the two peoples.We will also continue to act as people-to-people ambassadors for China-France friendship and contribute to the rejuvenation of the two countries."
Sun Shaorong,president of the French Qingtian Association,said that overseas Chinese in France are the concrete representatives of Chinese culture,and their every move is permeated with the influence of Chinese civilization on us.At the same time,we are also representatives of the meeting of Eastern and Western civilizations.We are also deeply imprinted with the French culture.President Macron began his visit in Xi'an,a city where Chinese and Western civilizations meet.He spoke highly of the role of overseas Chinese and paid tribute to the charm of the Chinese civilization.China and France are representatives of the Eastern and Western civilizations.We are fortunate to live in such countries.We are willing to make greater contributions to the exchanges and mutual learning between our two civilizations.
Huang Jin,president of ACE Eurasian Association for Cultural and Art Exchanges,said:"I am very proud to hear President Macron's comments on the Chinese community.It is a full recognition of our contribution in France."In his speech in Xi'an,President Macron not only responded positively to the"One Belt And One Road"initiative put forward by China,but also vowed to"visit China once a year"during his term of office,which fully demonstrates the importance and expectation he attaches to China-France relations.The continuous advancement of China-France relations will provide a better external environment for the development of overseas Chinese in France and will be more conducive to the development of overseas Chinese in France.
Professor Chen Yong,President of the French Association of Chinese Scientific and Technological Workers and Director of the French National Centre for Scientific Research,said he was very pleased to hear President Macron's speech during his visit to Xi'an on August 8.We not only saw France's positive response to China's"One Belt And One Road"initiative,but also felt France's sincere hope to strengthen cooperation between the two countries in artificial intelligence,new energy,aerospace,education,culture and other fields.Law students have been playing a link and bridge in the scientific,technological,cultural and economic exchanges between China and France.Many of them have been engaged in relevant fields in French universities and research institutes,and have not only achieved good results,but also actively participated in the scientific research cooperation and exchanges between the two countries.In the face of opportunities and challenges in many fields,such as global climate change,China and France will have more responsibility and greater vision to work together.We are confident to participate in and promote broader cooperation and contribute to a better tomorrow.
Ni Jincheng,a senior adviser at the General Administration for Strategy and Prospects of the French Prime Minister's Office and former director of the Transport Economy Bureau of the French National Railway,said that we are very happy to see President Macron's affirmation of the role of overseas Chinese.There are Chinese executives in energy,infrastructure,transportation,automobiles,aviation,medicine and other areas where China-France economic and trade and investment cooperation is concentrated.I myself have friends at the top of big French companies such as Areva and Michelin.We have been making contributions to the trade and economic cooperation between China and France.The growing acceptance of Chinese investment in France,along with the huge market China has provided for French companies,is one of the drivers of France's sluggish economic revival.France is also very attractive to Chinese companies,especially the French lifestyle,high-tech industry,quality agriculture,innovation,talent education,energy self-sufficiency,central location in Europe and easy transportation to Europe,and the traditional links between France and Africa.France and China should not only form strategic alliances with third parties outside Europe,but also with China and Chinese enterprises.In more areas,especially in infrastructure,high-tech,manufacturing,energy,transportation,agriculture and tourism,France and EU countries should jointly invest and share with France.In these aspects,overseas Chinese can play a unique role.
Ren Junmin,President of Agronomy Society of France,revealed that on August 28,2017,he visited Beijing Forestry University at the recommendation of Mr.Ma Yansheng,General Staff of the Education Section of the Chinese Embassy in France,and had extensive exchanges and discussions on the cooperation intention between Beijing Forestry University and French Agriculture and Forestry Research Department.Then,with the help of Mr.Li Zheng,the Permanent Representative of INRA in Beijing,Mr.Mauguin,President of INRA visited Beijing Forestry University on December 4,2017.The two sides reached consensus on the signing of cooperation memorandum and joint laboratory cooperation agreement,and will jointly promote relevant work to ensure the implementation of relevant cooperation intention as soon as possible.The French Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Beijing Forestry University will take the opportunity of the official meeting between the two heads of state to sign the above agreement,which reflects the enthusiasm and urgency of the cooperation between China and France in the field of agricultural and forestry research.Ren Junmin believes that with the adjustment and strengthening of domestic scientific research and international cooperation policies of universities in recent years,the space for cooperation with France in the field of scientific research and education can be predicted to expand.
The overseas Chinese in France have expressed their hope that Macron's visit to China will achieve more cooperative outcomes,promote the close and lasting China-France comprehensive strategic partnership to a new level and bring more benefits to the two peoples.The overseas Chinese are also ready to make their own unique and greater contribution to the friendship and development of the two countries.(Huang Guanjie)