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Xi 'an heavy pollution weather Ⅱ level emergency response to start!

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  Daming Palace

Xi'an heavy pollution weather emergency headquarters office
An orange alert has been issued for heavy pollution
According to the consultation and conclusion of the"One City One Policy"Stationing Point Tracking Working Group of Xi'an,the ground air pressure field was weak,humidity was large,diffusion conditions were poor,and air quality began to deteriorate from November 25.25 solstice 30,pollutants continue to accumulate,local air quality can reach medium to heavy pollution.To protect public health,reduce atmospheric pollution intensity,shorten the length,heavy pollution according to the xi'an heavy pollution weather emergency plan(revised in 2020),upon the approval of the heavily polluted city weather emergency headquarters,the headquarters office on November 25,2020,9 00 points of heavy pollution weather orange early warning information release,start from 13 November 25 when heavy pollution weatherⅡlevel emergency response.
1.Health protection measures
(1)Children,the elderly and patients with respiratory,cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and other chronic diseases should stay indoors as far as possible and avoid outdoor activities;The general population has reduced outdoor activities.
(2)kindergarten,primary school,middle school and equivalent schools shall stop all outdoor classes and activities.
(3)Health departments shall supervise medical and health institutions to strengthen medical guidance and guarantee of diagnosis and treatment for patients with diseases related to air pollution,guide citizens to seek medical treatment in an orderly manner,and improve the efficiency of medical treatment in the whole city.
II.Recommended emission reduction measures
(1)The public shall take public transportation as far as possible and reduce the number of motor vehicles on the road;Timely turn off when parking to reduce in-situ idle running time of vehicles.
(2)The public should minimize the use of raw materials and products containing volatile organic compounds such as paints,paints and solvents.
(3)The transportation,urban investment and rail transit groups shall increase the guarantee of public transport capacity and encourage citizens to take green trips.
(4)Enterprises,public institutions and various construction sites that discharge atmospheric pollutants in the process of production shall consciously adjust the production period,so as to further improve the efficiency of pollution control facilities on the basis of meeting the emergency emission reduction requirements,adjust the operation time of production processes that discharge atmospheric pollutants and take the initiative to reduce the emission of atmospheric pollutants.
(5)Enterprises and public institutions can implement the wrong peak to work according to the air pollution situation.
III.Mandatory emission reduction measures
(1)The public security department shall carry out the work of limiting the last number of motor vehicles within the restricted areas in working days;Control of diesel trucks in strict accordance with the Announcement of Xi'an Municipal People's Government on the Traffic Management of Diesel Trucks;We will do a good job in banning high-emission vehicles such as construction waste and sand and stone transportation(except vehicles for emergency repairs and transport vehicles for projects related to security)within the city;Supervised heavy trucks with diesel fuel are prohibited from driving on the road from 7:00 to 21:00 daily(except special vehicles,dangerous chemical vehicles and emergency repair vehicles);Strengthen the"rush hour"traffic,reduce the idle time of vehicles;Cooperate with the department of ecological environment to investigate and punish vehicles with excessive emission.
(2)the living building,urban management,transportation,water and other departments in accordance with their respective responsibilities,supervise the citywide except the security class construction projects and the construction unit outside the emergency stop spraying paint,shotcrete slope protection,building demolition,cutting,grinding,concrete mixer,conditions and other involved gas operations(such as tower crane or underground construction is not affected),and stop using theⅡemission standard of mobile machinery(except for clean energy and the road of emergency mobile machinery);100%coverage of places such as material stacking;Assemble type and other new construction industrialization projects in the construction of non-earthwork link can not stop.
(3)Urban management and transportation departments shall,according to their respective responsibilities,strengthen road cleaning measures,adopt mechanized cleaning,fine cleaning,carpet vacuuming and other modes,and add at least one cleaning operation per day to the main roads and sections prone to dust on the basis of conventional operations;If meteorological conditions permit,the frequency of washing the road section prone to dust should be increased.
(4)resource planning,the supervision of the transport sector mines,such as logistics involved in bulk material handling(cargo vehicles entering and leaving vehicle-timeses 10 or more)of the unit,and stop using theⅣemission standard of heavy truck,special vehicle,except for the vehicle).
(5)The departments of resource planning,industry and information technology,and ecological environment shall supervise the mines,sand and stone materials yards,and stone factories,except those with special needs,to stop open-pit operations,and brick and tile kilns(except tunnel kilns)to implement peak shifting production.
(6)Housing and construction departments supervise large-scale commercial buildings and municipal projects to stop outdoor spraying of volatile organic compounds;Two types of enterprises(ready-mixed concrete and mortar enterprises)stop production(except for construction projects involving security and emergency repair).
(7)ministry,ecological environment department to supervise industrial enterprise factory and industrial park stop using theⅡand emission standards of road mobile machinery(except for clean energy and the road of emergency mobile machinery).
(eight)district(county)government,the supervision of the competent department in charge of the management committee of development zone and industry into the xi'an heavy pollution weather emergency reduction projects in 2020 list of the sources of pollution,heavy pollution weatherⅡlevel emergency response measures to reduce emissions.
Xi'an heavy pollution weather emergency headquarters office
November 25,2020