┣ Zichen House Apartment Hotel ┫

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Zichen House Apartment Hotel is located in the north section of the east wall of Daming Palace National Relics Park.It is a boutique hotel imitating Tang Dynasty style,which integrates catering,entertainment and accommodation.The hotel is full of Tang culture characteristics,the Tang Dynasty palace wall architecture design for the appearance,high quality decoration as a whole,more taste in the simplicity.With 15 suites,the design is distinctive,reflecting the ancient culture and tradition,to show the charm of intoxication.
Hotel total construction area of about 5300㎡,with a total of 15 penthouse suite boutique,all kinds of supporting facilities,is da national ruins park only a set of housing,dining,entertainment,business reception,guests as one of the boutique hotel,in inherits the essence of the tang culture at the same time,with high quality service idea provides the supreme exclusive service to all guests.
Opening date:July 1st,2010,the main building is 1 floor high,with a total of 15 guest rooms(sets).
Reservation Tel:029-81618260
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